Friday, October 30, 2009

Seitan Follow-up

Just wanted to do a quick post about dinner. We had herb-crusted seitan, spicy kale with chili and garlic, steamed cauliflower, potatoes, and beer-braised chanterelles and leeks, served with a veggie gravy.

It was yummy.

It's a cozy, windy, rainy night here...

....Goodnight Moonbeams


  1. Rose,

    Dinner looks good, and so healthy and veggie centered (my favorite). Perfect for a windy and rainy night. The chanterelles are particularly calling my name.


  2. Rose,

    Just curious, do you have a standard veggie gravy? I make many different variations but don't have one "go to" version. I was wondering it you could share some ideas. You know I love your food ideas.


  3. Mmm that looks great! so many different veggies...
    have a nice day :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thanks for your comments guys.


    I don't have a special recipe, and it does turn out a little different each time. I just make a roux with some earth balance and add some unsalted veggie broth, I bring the color up with some soy sauce or Bragg's aminos...sometimes I add a bit of dijon or worchestershire...the main thing I have to watch closely is making sure it doesn't get too salty.


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