Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Attention Garlic Lovers!

Garlic Soup with Saffron and Sherry

I know there are conscientious people out there who moderate their garlic intake for the sake of others, and I applaud their civility. I, on the other hand, walk around wantonly stinking of garlic with pride.

I don't think I could moderate my garlic consumption if you paid me. My need to consume large amounts of it daily is much stronger than me…this is a terrible weakness for which I apologize.

This is also why I absolutely adore this soup. It's perfect for times when you want something comforting but not too heavy--every spoonful ends in a satisfying slurp, and it definitely satisfies that garlic craving.

The recipe is originally from Robin Robertson. About a year or ago, I found it re-posted here.

When I make it, I usually deviate from the recipe slightly by adding saffron, and I'm probably a little more liberal with the old sherry;)

Sometimes, I make this soup with orzo pasta, but this time I used some little alphabets. I found these, organic and 60% whole wheat:

For the record, I tried to do something cute with the letters, arranging them into words floating in the soup, but the letters kept sinking and/or floating away...:(

One last note: if you make this soup, be extra careful not to let the garlic over cook or the soup will turn bitter.

Ciao for now.


  1. Rose,

    I love that you tried to spell something with the letters. That is totally something I would do. And yes, I have that pasta in the pantry.

    Who would possibly moderate their garlic intake? Not I. I love the stuff. It is so yummy and healthy I can't imagine forgoing. But then again, that is my Italian half talking.


  2. Oh, wow! That sounds amazing. I have to try this. I'm a garlic fiend, too. My fingers almost always smell like it.

  3. Alicia and Brigid,

    Thanks for commenting. Glad to know I'm not the only garlic hound out there! This soup really is yummy.

  4. I have been looking for organic pasta in alphabet shapes. Cool! Love garlic!


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