Sunday, October 25, 2009

Poached Quince

Quince turns a lovely rose color when it's cooked slowly. Today, I cooked it a little too quickly and it started to turn mushy. So, I removed the larger slices that were still holding their shape and left smaller slices in the liquid to simmer for about an hour...I then added the larger slices back into the liquid.

Ideally, all the quince slices would have cooked down in the liquid for the entire time and turned rosy too. As it turned out, the liquid turned rosy from the quince I left in, and the bigger quince pieces remained a lighter color. (Bummer.)

We ate this with vanilla hemp milk ice cream--Living Harvest Tempt Vanilla Bean to be exact. (I must say it is quite good.) The quince is tart, so some may like to add more sweetness to the cooking liquid, but I like it that way. And, it balanced out the sweetness of the hemp ice cream nicely. Poached quince is also good with soy yogurt and granola.

Here's what I used:

(Wait until you have all the other ingredients warming up in a sauce pan, before you peel and core the quince.)

3 large quince
3 cups water
3/4 cup light agave (or more to taste)
1/2 vanilla pod, sliced down the middle
15-20 cardamom pods
1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

Add all ingredients (except quince) in a saucepan and bring to slow simmer. (I scraped the vanilla seeds out of the pod and into the liquid, but you could also leave the pod in tact if you prefer.) As the sauce is heating, peel, core, and slice the quince, sliding the slices into the liquid as you cut them. Quince are quite tough, so be sure you've removed all the hard and fibrous bits around the core.

Simmer slowly and gently for 1 hour. When the quince is tender and the liquid has turned rosy, remove from heat and strain out the cardamom pods. Store refridgerated in the cooking liquid for up to a week.

And last but certainly not least.... Happy World Go Vegan Week everyone!


  1. The poached quince sounds fabulous with ice cream. I love warm fruit served with ice cream. This is combination I haven't tried yet.

  2. As you can see, I brought home a couple more quince.

    Love your kitty avatar.

  3. You have me thinking of buying quince now and making membrillo. But I know the hubby can't resist it and I don't want him to have all that sugar. If you decide to make membrillo it is awesome on a grilled cheese sandwich. I used to combine it with cheddar so I think the "cheese brick" would work well.

    The kitty is my oldest "Massimo". I thought his expression summed up how I was feeling at the moment. I need to get the husband to take a few pics of me so I can find one I like enough to put up. At the moment I am feeling old and don't like any recent pics (vanity thy name is Alicia). Getting older just doesn't look as good on women as it does men. Completely unfair I say.


  4. I must say, I was tempted by your membrillo suggestion...but I was so wrecked this weekend and didn't really have time to do anything too involved...

    I know what you mean by not wanting to make something because you don't want to eat to much of it. What I do if I have too much of something too sweet or fattening around is take some to gets devoured within minutes...maybe you could make some membrillo, eat a little and give the rest out to friends. I love the idea of it with cheese!

    Your kitties are adorable. My kitty was sick this weekend, and I was really preoccupied with worry. She's getting better now.

    As for photos, I'm sure you look great. I hate photos of myself, but I think we judge our own appearance much more than others do. That said...getting older is sort of a drag in the looks department. Men are lucky; gray hair makes them sexier!! ;)

  5. I am so sorry to hear your kitty was sick this weekend. When my little fuzzies are sick I am a wreck. I am glad she is recovering.

    I do send things to work with my husband sometimes, but then he is around it twice as long. While I shouldn't I worry about him and don't want to do anything that could potentially harm him.

    You are right that we judge ourselves more harshly than others. I see wrinkles and gray hair that weren't there a few years ago and also compare myself to when I was in my 30's. That really isn't realistic since I am 47. While I know this, I can't help but "feel as though I look really old".

    Loved your comment about men and gray hair. My husband was telling me the other day he was considering coloring. Then I reminded him of the "toxic aspect" and he agreed to forget about it. So ... now I need to follow my own rules and stop coloring my hair. Can't wait to see how much gray I will actually have when the color all grows out. Yippee!


  6. Well, I read recently that 40 is the new 20...after all we know a lot more about life and how to have fun than those little whippersnappers do (I'm 42), that said, 47 must be the new 27.

    I'm sure you look fab. And with such a healthy lifestyle, you probably look a lot better than many who are much younger;)

  7. You sure do know how to cheer a girl up. Thanks! I needed that.

  8. omg I absolutely adore quince (it's my dog's name too!) wish I could get my hands on some.


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