Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random Post with Animal Friends

I was looking through my files and came across some cherished friends from days gone by. Wanda (right) and Bruce (left) spent time with us in 2007/08. Bruce was an elderly fellow who we adopted from the animal shelter; he was the biggest snuggle bug ever, with a heart of gold. Wanda was a 4 year-old girl from the animal shelter who we fostered for about 3 months before she got adopted to her forever home (yaay!).

Wanda absolutely adored Bruce; she followed him everywhere, sat near him and slept near him. Bruce was fine with it, but somehow (typical male) he wasn't quite as enthusiastic as she was.

Our calico cat, Cheeky, thought Wanda was the strangest creature she had ever seen:

Sadly, Brucey passed away in 2008; he had cancer in his chest and abdomen. We still miss him, and I know, somewhere out there, Wanda does too.


  1. Oh how cute are those two! I have never heard of cats and bunnies being friends. The pictures are precious.

    I had a pet rabbit growing up that lived for many years (much to the chagrin on my parents). He was a great pet, very laid back.


  2. Those photos are so sweet, Rose - thank you for sharing them and your priceless memories of Bruce and Wanda! They were adorable together. And I love Cheeky's expression, staring out of the cardboard box and Wanda! LOL

  3. Laurie

    Cheeky was fascinated with Wanda, she'd watch her, but if Wanda approached her, she ran away scared.


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