Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thoughts of Love for All Animals

Dr. Tuttle guides a lovely meditation on our connectedness with the earth and all the animals:

Happy New Year to all. May it bring Peace, Love, and Happiness to all of us, our beloved animal friends, and our beautiful and living planet.


  1. An especially warm and peaceful New Year wish to you, Rose. I'm looking forward to reading your posts in 2011. (And maybe meeting you in person!)

  2. Hi Rose,
    Thank you for this wonderful post and Happy Peaceful New Year to all.
    With appreciation for the work of Dandelion Vegan Blog toward a more compassionate world,

  3. Happy New Year to you, too, Rose! I hope it proves to be a good year for the earth and all of her inhabitants. :)

  4. Happy New Year! Thank you for your love for animals and for all that you do to help them!

  5. Thanks everyone!!


    Let's definitely make it happen! :)

  6. What a gentle interlude that was. Thanks, Rose! (I love his World Peace Diet book).

    Happy New Year to you, and I second what Jenny said - thank you for your own gentle spirit and all you do to bring comfort and happiness to all critters and your human friends, too. :-)

    And I'm sure hoping you and Andrea can finally enjoy a fun get-together, and that you both blog about it for the benefit of the rest of us! :-)

  7. Hey Laurie!

    I had no idea what a special day it was! Have you read the book? It's one of the first on my reading list for the coming weeks!

    Like Punky and Co. as the avatar!

  8. Hi, Rose!

    It was a special day for more reasons than that! Did you enjoy it? :-)

    Yes, I bought a copy in '08 and finally read it last winter. I think you'll enjoy it! What else is on your reading list?

    Thanks, I thought Punky & Company deserved a little more face time, given how adorable those faces are! I probably would have just gone with a plain old graphic but for you saying you enjoy being left comments by critters! :-)

  9. I'm not much into meditation, but that was a nice clip. Hope you have a wonderful new year, Rose.

  10. Laurie

    Oh, yes, keep the animal avatars coming, you know I love to blog with the animals! :D

    Thanks Alessandra & Michelle! :)


    Yeah, I figured not everyone would be into the Tuttle meditation. But, I mainly just wanted to wish all my fellow animal friends a very happy prosperous New Year!

    Here's to that! :)

  11. Animal and human friends...I meant to say!!

  12. Happy New Year to you! Thank you for sharing that lovely video.

  13. Thanks for shareing this post


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