Saturday, January 29, 2011

Broccoli Corn Muffins

Is it bizarre to put broccoli in corn muffins? Mr D thinks so...his exact words were: "that's beyond bizarre". 

...he might be right, but I think you could add almost any veggie and it would be innocuous at worst. Actually, the broccoli didn't add a lot of flavor, but it was fun. I used about 1/2 cup corn kernels and 1/2 cup chopped broccoli, but if I were to make them again, I'd add in about 1 cup of each...they disappeared into the batter somehow. 

Needs more corn and broccoli!

Corn Muffins (makes 6)

1 cup sweetcorn kernels (this is upped from 1/2 c. I used above)
1  cup other veggies of choice, (blanched if desired), chopped small (upped from 1/2 cup used above)
egg replacer for 2 eggs (3 teaspoons egg replacer + 4 tbs water if using EnerG brand)
1 cup non-dairy milk + 1 tablespoon lemon juice (vegan buttermilk)
1/3 cup oil or melted Earth Balance or other vegan margarine
1 1/4 cups unbleached flour
3/4 cup yellow corn meal
1/4 vegan sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt

Preheat oven to 400 F. Grease and flour your muffin tin. 

Whisk together the egg replacer and water until well combined, add the vegan buttermilk mixture, oil, and whisk. In a separate bowl, combine the flour, corn meal, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. Toss in the veggies to coat. Add the wet mixture to the flour mixture and fold in gently until the moist mix is just incorporated. The dough will be thick and lumpy.

Fill muffin tins...I filled mine to nearly full because I wanted a large cap...(didn't work). Bake for 20 minutes or until a wooden stick comes out clean.

Bizarre as they may be, they're pretty tasty with a little red pepper jelly.

As I was taking the muffin photos, this guy came running along the sun roof:

View above the corn muffins

(Please ignore the dirt...that's on the outside of the glass and I don't have a ladder tall enough to get up there and clean it, plus I'm afraid I might fall through or something.)

Cheeky watches from below:


  1. Those are some very fluffy-looking muffins. I like the texture. As to whether or not you should put broccoli in muffins, here's what I think. Last night I made Japanese vegetable pancakes for dinner, and they had several kinds of julienned veggies including broccoli. Muffins and pancakes are basically the same recipe except one is baked and one is cooked in a pan. We loved the pancakes. So, I think veggie muffins would be a great accompaniment to soup, or for breakfast, or a snack. For dessert muffins, I'd use fruit instead. :D

  2. That's awesome! I don't think it's crazy - there are a lot of savory muffins out there. I've never heard of red pepper jelly but that does sound like a great accompaniment. I love the open shot with the broccoli split right down the middle! It's like those museum dioramas or something.

  3. Is this recipe your own invention? I've never had anything quite like these**, but I figure broccoli goes just fine with corn, so why wouldn't they go together just fine in a savory sort of muffin? I often think of muffins as starch-based delivery vehicles for raisins, dates, cranberries, etc, so I don't see why they can't transport veggies as well as fruit (just not as the same cargo load, lol). :-)

    **We used to go to a restaurant in Texas that served little personal-sized jalapeño cheeesecakes, with jalapeño jelly drizzled across the tops. Now THAT was beyond bizarre!

    Speaking of jelly, when I first read the label on the jelly jar in your photo I thought it said, "Proper Jelly," and figured it had to have come from England. ;-) And I thought of the jalapeño jelly and figured that on the off-chance you ever found something like that at Tesco, it would surely be labeled "Improper Jelly." Or maybe just, "Dodgy American Jelly." LOL

    Love the cat's eye view of the squirrel above and Cheeky below!

  4. Tabasco pepper jelly? I didn't know such a thing existed! I can just imagine how good it tastes on corn muffins.

    I love the squirrel running across the sun roof and how Cheeky is watching. Cute!

  5. I think broccoli corn muffins sound fantastic and the colors are awesome! And Cheeky watching the squirrel is very cute indeed!

  6. Andrea

    Excellent points! Those veggie pancakes sound really yummy!


    Yeah, diorama muffins, now that would be cool!


    These were somewhat my own invention...I veganized a recipe I found in one of my was handwritten from who knows when and lordy knows where...then just added the veggies in. Next time, I'm going to use some semolina flour...think with the corn meal it will make the tops nice and crispy.

    I like your concept of muffins as vehicles for other things! So true my friend, so true.

    The jalapeno cheesecakes sound cute, and quirky...I think I like the idea of that.

    Yeah, we eats only proper jelly 'round 'ere...none of that dodgy improper stuff! LOL :)


    I grew up eating pepper jelly because our neighbor used to make it every year and give us several jars. It's actually really good with p-nut butter.

    I haven't had any in quite some time and only happened to see the Tabasco stuff at the store...I thought I had to get some for old time's sake.


    Thanks...I like the colors too...I think a little red or orange would be a nice addition too....have to do that next time!

  7. I have everything to make those except the corn. What could I sub with? And hold on just one second...Tabasco has a jelly!!!!??? Where did you find this?

    I love the squirrel and Cheeky watching him. I also LOVE the sunroom!

  8. Two of my favorites - corn bread and broccoli. I must try this recipe!

  9. This is certainly a unique recipe. Did Mr. D enjoy the muffins?

    I've seen people serve the pepper jelly poured over a block of cream cheese to eat w/crackers.

  10. Broccoli sounds like a perfect compliment to cornbread. How much sugar did you use - 1/4 cup? Or just a pinch? I like non-sweet cornbread, but hot and sweet sounds good too, and the broccoli sounds like a great addition. It looks neat in the sliced view, too!

    I bought some jalapeño jelly, but I left it in my mother in law's fridge. Maybe I'll send her this recipe and tell her to make it :)

  11. Sounds like a good way to sneak more veggies into over loved ones! I love how Mr. D sounds so strangely familiar to me...

  12. Okay..."our" loved ones! Why do I keep doing that on your comment section?

  13. Carissa

    I think red pepper, green onion, or jalapenos would be yummy instead of the corn. Yeah...just saw the pepper jelly at whole foods I think.


    Corn and brocco are two favs of mine too :)


    I remember the pepper jelly spread on cream cheese too! Definitely a 70's or 80's thing...I think (?)


    I learned from Blessed Mama that real Southern corn bread doesn't have sugar...I used 1/4 cup...they weren't too sweet; I think I could eat them with or without.

    Blessed Mama

    Yeah, those men of ours have their quirks don't they? No worries about the typos! I'm a typo error machine. :)

  14. I think that broccoli and corn is a wonderful combo, never tried them in muffin, but I am sure that they are great!



  15. those muffins look delicious! i would never think to add veggies to muffins, very cool :)
    love your blog, by the way!

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  17. Oh please don't apologise for the dirt on the outside of your window :)

    The vegetable muffins are fantastic. I am also admiring that jar of pepper jelly.

  18. These look like spring time so pretty!

  19. Thanks for your comments all!


    Making a batch of pepper jelly would be right up your alley. I can't remember whether you've made some and blogged about it or not, but the pretty color of it reminded me of your lovely jams and conserves.

  20. Ha ha! Rose, no matter how hard you tried, Shenandoah will still be able to get you! You gave yourself the number "2" when you were actually number "3". Snicker. Now, I had to add a special edit just for you. :-) Do NOT delete your comment and resubmit! I love it just the way it is!

  21. You know what, looking at it again, I think you both were typing at the same time. Tee hee.

  22. Blessed Mama

    I know...and there I was, trying to be so good!


  23. The broccoli is cool- like the color that it adds, not to mention nutrition :)

  24. Amanojaku
    Thank you for stopping by my blog! My Japanese is not too good, but thank you for sending me your blog URL...I've linked to your blog.

    I watched a couple of the Cooking with Dog videos: very well done. The dog is adorable and the recipes look so good. I will have to try them!

  25. Health Seeker's Kitchen and VegSpinz

    Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Roae -- Great looking corn muffins. I could eat a bunch of them! -- barbara

  27. oh that sounds so good right now!!! that would be good as a casserole type dish also (i think)

    lol i love the corn muffins view of the squirrel:)

  28. Thanks Barbara !


    Yeah, I think you have a good idea...using the corn muffins as the crust of a casserole...

    I think the squirrel was after my muffins!

  29. I know I would like these - I don't like a lot of one thing. For example, I'm not crazy about eating a side of mashed potatoes - I always stir something into it. I never eat rice or quinoa without lots of things added, and I like a lot added into my oatmeal. See what I'm saying? So I would definitely like adding some broccoli into corn muffins. My whole family would eat these.

    BTW, you didn't have to admit that was dirt. I just assumed it was snow or something! :)

  30. I can't wait to try these muffins! A lady that I go to church with is famous for making her broccoli cornbread. I remember how good it was from my pre vegan days. Of course now when she makes it, I don't get any. But now I can have my own....yay!

  31. Those look great! I've never put broccoli in a muffin before..

  32. Jenny

    I totally get what you mean about adding stuff may sound a little gross, but I like to mix my salad in with everything else...especially with pasta.

    Too bad I blew the cover about the dirt! :D


    Oh wow, you mean broccoli cornbread is a real thing that people make? That is so'll have to see if you get her famous recipe and veganize it! :)


    I've never put broccoli in muffins before either, but makes me think there's a whole new level of vegetable muffins just waiting to be explored. :)

  33. What a great idea! I might add some sun-dried tomatoes into mine when I try this recipe. Cheeky is adorable! What a beautiful cat!

  34. Elisabeth

    Sun dried tomatoes would be great! Fantastic idea.

  35. I've definitely never thought about putting broccoli in a muffin, but I like it. It's like a little muffin meal. I will have to try it!

    Elisabeth's sun-dried tomato idea sounds great, too.

  36. Cassie

    Muffin Meal...I like the sound of that! :)

  37. I always mix my salad with my pasta!

  38. Jenny

    You do? That is great! Another salad-pasta mixer upper. I'm so glad to find out I'm not the only one and maybe isn't as odd as some people tell me it is! :)

  39. There was a dinner pancake recipe at the real simple website and they made me think of these muffins! And sometimes I use broccoli stems where any choice of veggies are called for.

  40. Stephanie

    Yeah, veggie pancakes sound awesome! Pancakes, muffins, etc...would be a great way to use the broccoli stems. Great idea! :)

  41. I'm so excited about these! Broccoli is my favorite thing in the world and I am happy to found another recipe to try so I can eat it in another way. I don't know if that jelly sounds good or not but I'm willing to try it anyway. I like trying new things!

  42. Tried this today cuz was looking for a way to use up a head of broccoli that was going bad. Used just over a cup each of chopped up raw broccoli and tinned corn. My batter was rather wet and I got 14 standard sized muffins from them. They were delicious but I feel like they could do with even more veggies.


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