Sunday, December 26, 2010

We have a giveaway winner....

The time has come to announce the winner of  the Gilding Lilies 2011 Calendar giveaway.

Eleven people entered (in chronological order):

1. Alessandra (I left your name in because the rules say it's open to all the planet)
2. Michelle (LovinLivinVegan)
3. Melody
4. Laloofah
5. Michelle (DirtyDuck)
6. VegSpinz
7. Carissa
8. BlessedMama (in whose dreams I wash dishes very
9. Lizzie Bordello
10. Jenny
11. Thiên Ân

( I couldn't assign numbers to the comments because I commented in between etc...)

Part 1, the set up:

Courtesy of atmospheric noise and

Lucky number 7! Congrats to Carissa!

Email me with your address, and I'll get the calendar on its way in time for 2011!

Merry Christmas and Happy Stephen's Day to everyone! (We're still celebrating!)

I really feel fortunate to be part of  such a wonderful blogging community.

I'll leave you with a little holiday interlude brought to you by Mr Dandelion:


  1. Congratulations to Carissa! With that lovely calendar helping you to mark the days, I'm sure you've got a beautiful new year in store for you.

    And oh, sweet!!! Getting to hear Mr. Dandelion's keyboard performance (and a wee bit of his lovely lilting Irish accent!) :-) Thank you for the holiday serenade, Mr. D, that was beautiful! :-) How fun it must be, Rose, to have a musician in the house.

    I'm glad to hear you're still in celebration mode! Happy St. Stephen's Day/Boxing Day/Kwaanza and Plain Old Dec 26th to you, too. :-) xoxo

  2. P.S. You know, that whole thing about Blessed Mama's dream about you washing dishes slowly was just too funny, and I'm glad you referred to it again in this post because, with my apologies to Irving Berlin, it inspired me to write you a little holiday song of my own. Perhaps Mr. D. can play it for us, I'm sure he knows the tune...

    I'm dreaming of a dish washer
    who washes dishes really slow....

    she'll wash away your troubles
    with pretty bubbles
    that smell of Rosewater and so...

    I'm dreaming of a dish washer
    who gets my dishes squeaky clean...

    May your dreams be sudsy and sweet
    and your dish washer as thorough and neat!


  3. happy for her!

    my computer sound isnt working! your husband is just how i thought he would look, very kind. Merry Christmas Rose


  4. Laurie

    Hahaha! Good one! That's catchy. I'll have to get Mr D on it!

    Glad you liked his little song. He says thank you very much...can you hear an accent? I can never tell, because to me he sounds like anyone else, but other people say they can hear an accent from's very mild compared to his brother's I can tell you. He sounded like a cowboy to me in the video.

    Happy Stephen's Day to you, and thanks for the fun dish washer goes perfectly. :D

  5. Michelle

    Aww, I'll tell Mr D he looks kind! That's a nice thing to say, and well, he is kind too!

    Merry Christmas Michelle to you Stomper, Lilly, Piggy, and all the rest!

  6. Happy Stephens Day! That sounds like fun.

    Do you play an instrument too? I never had the patience for that, but it is nice to fill your own home with your own music! Thanks, Mr. D!

    Can we look forward to more home movies in the future? I'm wondering if the recording device is a recent acquisition...

  7. Jessica

    Happy Stephen's Day to you too!

    Instruments? Moi? Nah....I've dabbled in a few things; guitar, flute, clarinet, but never long enough to get good at you I guess, not enough patience.

    There may be more home vids in the future...the recording device was an acquisition from last Christmas, but we haven't played with nearly enough!

  8. Happy Stephen's Day ( belated ) to you guys.. what fun! I've never heard of it.

  9. Happy Stephen's Day! (I see I posted on it last year. Time sure flies.) Mr. D's performance was very enjoyable. You're quite the talented couple!

  10. I dreamed you had an Irish accent in that dish washing dream, but I didn't say it! I think I must have read in some post back or in your profile or somewhere that you were from Ireland, or is just Mr. Dandelion? And you had a ponytail as your hairstyle. I'm so touched that Laurie was inspired to write a song. I told G that my dream last night he was working in Germany, and everyone was calling him Reggie. Weird. Congrats to Carissa, yay!!! Thank you, Mr. Dandelion, for making me feel like you played that just for ME!

  11. Melody

    Thanks! And to you too!


    Yes, I remember you commenting on the Stephen's day post last year...time sure does fly! :) I'll tell Mr D you enjoyed his playing. He'll be delighted.


    Oh wow, an Irish accent, that's brilliant...I like your dreams. But, it's only Mr D who's Irish. You may be a little psychic though...I am wearing a pony tail today as my "hairstyle" if you can call it that. :D

    And G was working in Germany? Sounds like you have Europe on your mind!

    I'll relay your thanks to Mr D! :)

  12. Aw...Mr. D did an awesome job! Hearing that will make my afternoon go much better....tell Mr. D thanks!

    Merry Christmas !!!

  13. Michelle

    I'll tell him! Thanks. :) Merry Christmas to you too!

  14. Yippyy!!!! My email is

  15. Hi Carissa,

    And a Merry Christmas and congrats! I'll get the calendar sent off asap.

    Rose :)

  16. Rose ~ Yes, I could hear a soft Irish lilt there! Of course, he only said three words, which isn't much to go on (hint, hint - speech, Mr. D, speech! lol), but it's there. Does his brother still live in Ireland?

    I LOL'ed over your opinion that sounded like a cowboy in this video! If only the cowboys around here sounded so pleasant and kind!

  17. Laurie

    I'll have to tell Mr. D...getting him to make speeches is fairly easy; he loves to be the center of attention...year of the Monkey he was born.
    His bro and family are all in Ireland.

    Has the snow started yet? I hope you got all your bits and pieces together and can cozy up all's the puzzle going?

  18. Congratulations to Carissa,

    and Rose, thank you so much for including me in this even if I live in New Zealand.

    Also I would like to wish to you and your readers, all the best for a magic and fantastic and positive 2011!


  19. Alessandra

    Happy New Year of peace and magic to you too!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Hey, Rose! Tell the Monkey Man I expect him to star in some loquacious videos in the near future, then. Give you another excuse to trot out that recording device more often! ;-)

    Our big hairy snowstorm was pretty much a bust. We only got about 4" and bitter temps (and in my case, a sinus headache) out of it. So BW had to go to work and now I have a deck to shovel in minus 20º windchills. :-( Humbug!

    And I'm distressed to report that I've had too many other things to do lately to even begin my puzzle! I might start one later today, depending on how hard the barometer in my head is banging on my skull by then.

  22. I just realized that I sounded like Yoda when I said "year of the Monkey he was born"...what a dork am I.

    Mr. D definitely does loquacious.

    I hope your headache has cleared up! Stay warm!

  23. Pounding head I have still. Dork you are not. Your Yoda impression much charm has. :-)

  24. Rose,
    I've been slacking on blog reading but am glad I finally made it to this post! First, congratulations to the calendar winner. It looks like a beautiful prize. (And not fattening, either!)

    Secondly, Happy Holidays to you and the talented Mr. D. He's been holding out on us, but now I expect musical accompaniment to all of your delicious posts. :D

    Are you enjoying the sunshine and dry sidewalks? It's great to see the sun but I see it comes with a price — ice cold air. Brrrrrrr.

  25. Andrea

    Happy Holidays to you too, and a very Happy New Year!

    Good point about the calendar! Prized that don't add to your waistline are a bonus! :)

    I'll tell Mr D that he'll have to get cracking and play more music for the blog! :D

    It is cold...I think a lot of my plants are toast...or frozen toast anyway...they made through the last batch of cold weather insulated a little from the snow we had before...but this time I fear they're outta luck.

    Can you believe I have to sit in my office at work today? I'm going to try and sneak out a little early though to enjoy some sun.

    Stay warm! :)

  26. That video was such a lovely treat. Congrats to Carissa, I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday to Mr D.
    Rose, I wish you a wonderful new year. Big hugs and many thanks.

  27. Jennifer

    A very Happy New Year to you!! xo

  28. Dear Aunt Rose,

    I think Tess has been getting all the attention long enough in that goofy Santa hat of hers. So I booted her off Mom's avatar and thought I'd stop by to wish you a Happy New Year while also showing off my much more glamorous and sophisticated holiday look.

    Besides, I'm the better typist, and Tess can't spell worth cat food.


  29. So glad to get a little flash of Mr. Dandelion! I wish my hubby could play the piano for me. :) And I'm also glad to find out that a ponytail IS a hairstyle. I feel so relieved.

  30. Josie
    Thanks for stopping by! You are looking very glamorous I must say. Be sure to give a nice big New Year's lick to Willow and Tess for me...and to Mocha too if you can reach.

    Yes, lol, ponytail qualifies! Happy New Year!


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