Monday, December 13, 2010

Treats! Treats!

...Cheezy Baco Treats!

Here's Scamp (aka Daffodil). She's a little on the rotund side...ahem... see how she fills up her play tube so nicely?  But as you can also see, she's dutifully eating her carrot sticks--she's on a little weight loss plan at the moment. Notice her good-natured, sweet demeanor in spite of it all.

Diet or no, everyone deserves a treat sometimes, especially when they are healthy, delicious treats like these from Molly at It's a Vegan Dog's Life. The recipe was for muffins, but she also gives conversion instructions, so you can make them into cookies, bagels, etc. (Very handy)

I'm sure a lot of you already know about Molly's recipes and her recipe book of vegan dog treats, but if not, definitely check it out! The treats are rat approved too! :D

Cheezy Baco Biscuits

Look at those cute little toes and fingers...or is it just me?

Here's Scamp as she finds the cheezy baco treats and tries to get two big pieces in her mouth at once:

Treats in mouth, she runs up to her nest to hoard them...that's what she does with prize booty:

I tried to get a sweet picture of her happily munching away on one of the biscuits, but her sweet demeanor seemed to vanish...

"Back off, These are my treats!" 


  1. Oh my goodness, Rose, is she ever adorable! I'm so happy to hear that the treats are rattie approved and yes, her tootsies are super cute! <3 Thank you so much for posting this. This made my day!

  2. ahh you are right! she looks completely different in the second picture! when she was holding the carrot it looks like she would share nicely:) thank you for puting this up, its adorable. i especially like the toes being pointed out:) although HOW could i poosibly miss something as cute as those little nibblets?

    oh and the one with the little tail in the air!!!lol shes so triumphant! dashing off to her little nest. i better stop before i start myself in my bedroom...!

  3. Molly

    Oh yes, they are rattie approved! Thanks for the great recipe! I'll be making many more of them in future.


    Nibblets...I love it. Yes, you've got it with the tail, she was triumphant! Ratties are really expressive with their tails, when they hold them up like that, it usually means that they are really excited/engaged in what's happening.

  4. Scamp is a cutie, all right. Will she really be able to stick to her diet with all those treats around? :) Thanks for the link to the dog treat blog. It's been a really long time since my little Buffy has had homemade treats.

  5. LOL - this is waaaay too cute!!! How fun that Scamp loves Molly's treats! I must give some to Val and Tino next time I make a batch, bet they'd love them too! (Mocha loves the ones with molasses!)

    And it's definitely not just you, those wee fingers and tootsies are just precious. :-) And I love her triumphant tail as well! She looks like an Olympic gold-medalist taking her victory lap while waving a flag! :-) But I am especially amused by the contrast between her sweet lady-like expression as she daintily munches her carrot vs. her "back off, buster" stink-eye when you photographed her eating her Cheezy Baco biscuit! That's hysterical!!

  6. Andrea

    Lol, yeah, Scamp will be tempted by those treats for sure, but I'll see she sticks to the diet for the most part. :) Oh, and do try some of Molly's treats...they're healthy and fun...I'm sure Buffy will like them!


    I love that your avatar now is Tess...I love when people use animal faces as their makes me feel like dogs and cats are commenting on my blog...which would be sooo cool! But of course I know it's you, (right?) which is cool too!

    Val and Tino would definitely like Molly's treats!

    Victory lap!!! Yes! She was very happy and very proud of herself! Doesn't she just look like the baddie in a panto or the like in the last shot? She was seriously *not* open to sharing those biscuits....too cute!

  7. Oh my goodness! What a little cutie! I love her little hands and feet. Absolutely adorable!

  8. Dear Auntie Rose,
    Woof! Woof! *whine* Woof! Grrrrrr..... woof! Aaawwwwoooooo! Woof.
    Tess :-)

    P.S. Pleeze don't tell mom I sneeked onto her compyuter wile she wuz riting crissmas cards, becuz I drooled a little on her keyboard. I'm hoping she'll think it wuz dad.

    P.P.S. Scamp looks fun, can I play with her? And have a biskit too?

  9. that's so cute she loved them. we used to have 2 rescued rats and they loved our veggie scraps so much. we also fed them a cereal grain mix. they didn't get to too fat even though they were lab rats and i expected it.

  10. i wish animals would comment on MY blog, lucky.

  11. I get so much grief from my vets about my fuzzies being overweight, the last thing in the world they need are special treats. Adorable pics! Rats are excellent pets.

  12. I love it! Scamp is way too adorable! I love Molly's blog too. I have several recipes saved out to make Maggie, but for some reason time seems to slip away. Hopefully I can get her some treats made this weekend or for sure by Christmas, so Santa Clause can bring her some goodies. :o)

    BTW...those are the cutest little toes on Scamp :O)

  13. Jacklyn

    Her toes always get're one of those animal face avatar people...I love it when you comment, because I sort of feel like I"m talking to a kitty...a kitty, who's also a great cook!


    I'll follow your lead; surely it must have been BW drooling over the keyboard.;) And of course you're more than welcome to a biscuit. :D


    Our ratties have all been from the animal shelter, and I find that some of them put on weight more readily than you say, it's most likely due to breeding.

    Scamp's cage-mate passed away about a month ago, and she's been depressed since. But the good news is that we're adopting another girl rat from the shelter next weekend, and once she has a companion, I think she'll cheer up and be more active, which will also help with her weight.

    Good to hear from other rattie lovers! :)


    "If we could blog with the animals...just imagine it, blogging with a chimp or chimpanzee..."


    I know right? At least Molly's treats are really low-fat and healthy! I agree, rats are excellent pets...too bad they have a little PR problem in general. :)


    You're another one of the fun animal avatar people! Love seeing Maggie's mug in the comments! I'm sure Maggie will love the treats!

  14. Rose, you're right - those are cute toes!!!
    Thanks for blessing us humans, Scamp.

  15. Grace

    Thank you, and Scamp thanks you...she really is a blessing! :)

  16. Aww, little Scamp, so cute! I want to try making these for my little Abby Dog. I've made dog bisquits for her before, and she loved them. I think that she would love to have these as a Holiday Treat.

  17. Those may be some of the cutest pics I've seen in a while.

  18. Jennifer and Melody

    Scamp graciously accepts your compliments of cuteness. :D

    And, yes...I'm sure Abby Dog would love these treats!

  19. This is great! Rats are such wonderful, small creatures :)

  20. Rose, Love your baby! I adore rats so much! Her face is sooo adorable too. I think it is sweet you make healthy treats for your animal family!

  21. Vivacious Vegan

    Thanks! :) Great to hear from another rat lover!

  22. Aw, I think your rat has some piggie mixed in them. G's opposed to rat pets, but we can live vicariously through you. SR loved the toes!

  23. BlessedMama

    Aren't the tosies cute? Glad SR like them! Anytime you need a vicarious rat fix, just let me know...:D

  24. Eeeee, the toes! SO CUTE. Thanks for this post - it made me smile. :)

  25. Great pics of your little babies! I always found it so hard to get good pictures of my guinea pigs. They look so happy :)

  26. Kelly

    Eeee! I agreee! Scamp kindly thanks you for finding her toes cute. Glad it gave you a smile. :)


    Thanks, I hope they are happy....guinea pigs can be tough to photograph, but they're still super cute anyway. :o)

  27. *dies from cuteness* [thump]

    Daffodil needs to be on Cute Overload.

  28. Good Luck Duck

    Awww, Daffodil is flattered. :D

  29. Haha, just realized I said "small creatures" and definitely meant SMART creatuers!

  30. It's awesome that you cut the carrots into Scamp-sized sticks. What a lucky girl to have homemade treats!

  31. Cassie

    :P lol

    Well, they are smart and small, so it works either way! :)


    HI! Everything is cute in miniature/rat size. :o)

  32. Ahhhhhhhhhh! Hahaha! Look at those toes!!!!! Ahahahahaha!

  33. Cute Rat! Rats are lovely cretures.


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