Monday, March 22, 2010

Watercress and Avocado Salad

We found this to be a particularly yummy combo: watercress, avocado, apple, red onion, and walnuts. The peppery watercress is delicious with the rich, creamy avocado and the crisp, sweet apple. I didn't want to edge these flavors out with a lot of dressing, so we just drizzled some fresh lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil over the top. Any dressing that suits your fancy would be good.

We had this to go along with a special dinner of pistachio, green chili, and coconut yogurt "kofta", which I'll post about next.

Roseann LaPonte
Rosanne Tobin


  1. so your whole household is vegan? cant wait to see what that kafta(sp) is. ill be back

  2. Hi Dirty Duck,

    Our household is vegan, but there's only two of us. :)


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