Friday, March 26, 2010

Garden Beds and Blossoms

I've got my two main planting beds ready for action, and I'm feeling positive about this growing season. Gardening can be full of unexpected challenges and disappointments, but it can also have sweet rewards. Sometimes seeds don't germinate, sometimes bugs or critters eat your veggies before you get to them, and other times you get to harvest nutritious, delicious home grown food. I try not to get too attached to the final outcome and just take things in stride along the way.

I restructured my large bed this year with cinder blocks. I love them; you can plant stuff in the holes around the side. I might put strawberries in some of those spaces.

I'm re-using my wacky potato cage and hoping for a better potato harvest than last year. I've already got the potatoes in...some say it's too early, but I only time will tell.

It took a while, but I've got some peas and favas coming up in one of my side beds. I planted them over a month ago. Even though we had a relatively warm winter and soil temps are warmer than average, it took a while for these guys to break ground because this particular bed is in part shade. Last summer, I had a flower crop here, so this is meant to be my fruit rotation for this space. I planted some favas last fall as a cover crop for this bed, but they froze, so the bed went without over the winter months.

I love this time of year. Spring around here is typically rainy--lovely spring rain. Temperatures are mild, and the air is fresh and filled with the smell of blossoms. I love when the petals fall from the trees and make a snow of petals.


  1. hey that cinderblock bed is a GOOD idea! is it weird to say your dirt looks pretty?lol you can just tell how rich it is. oh and i love the beginning of your post

    "and I'm feeling positive about this growing season"

    you sound just like a coach, a vegetable coach

  2. You are all ready to go aren't you? I wish I could say my garden was in that good shape. The ground is so soggy here I haven't done anything yet. =(

    talk to you soon,

  3. Dirtyduck,

    I love the cinder blocks at the moment...ha ha, I get what you mean about sounding like a coach...

    I guess I could try coaching them as they come out of the ground:

    "Come on, that's the way, GROW! GROW!...good job!"

  4. Alicia,

    I understand what you mean: we've been lucky to have a nice mild wouldn't be unusual for our soils to be too soggy at this time of the year too...

    Don't sweat it, there's plenty of time to get stuff going in the garden. :)

  5. I'm with you there on not getting attached to the final outcome. We had a freeze that killed off all of our winter garden except the artichoke plant. And, most of my flowers too. :( Anyhow, your garden looks great, and I hope you'll post the progress.

  6. BlessedMama,

    I had some things killed off by frost last winter too...I'm hoping that the warmer weather is here to stay and that we don't get any wanton frosts in April...not likely, but not unheard of.

    The same goes for keep us posted on your garden this spring and summer!

  7. I will, Rose. I checked yesterday, and we have a very cute artichoke coming up in the center of the plant! So, that's something to look forward to.

  8. Rose,

    Its all looking wonderful and fills me with optimism too. Thank you for sharing that good feeling.

    I love the cinderblock bed idea. One of the people in the street has there's filled with heather. It does look effective.

    I have one question, how can you not get attached to the final outcome. Surely You will - Raising those little seedlings, stroking them now and again - how can you not :D

  9. I grow everything for the critters. If they happen to leave me a few fruits or berries, I am grateful.

  10. Your garden is beautiful! I'll be interested to see how the favas grow--I've never seen fresh favas in a garden or in the store, and I'll be watching to see what they look like as plants and how you cook with them.

  11. Mangocheeks,

    I know what you mean...I try not to get attached to the outcome...but emphasis is on the "try" part :)


    lol...sometimes I think I'm growing mine especially for the snails...pretty soon, they'll be handing me formal requests for special items they'd like to munch on.


    I'll keep you updated on the favas...I've never grown them before, so I'm hoping for success...fingers crossed. :)

  12. The cinderblock idea is great! Your yard looks fabulous, wish I had that much room. I do have a crazy amount of planters though, looks like you do too;)
    Spring is just the best isn't it!?!

  13. you have inspired me! I am excited to garden this year!
    Debra @ Vegan Family Style
    ps. I am giving away a copy of FOOD INC. on my blog- contest ends Midnight 3/31

  14. Debra,

    Thanks for stopping by....I'd love to hear about our garden. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway.

  15. Rose, your garden photos alone evoke feelings of excitement, potential and promise! I think your gardening philosophy, I try not to get too attached to the final outcome and just take things in stride along the way, is a good one for life in general.. but easier said than done! A garden inspires such a great sense of anticipation (and is such a labor of love), it can be nigh impossible to not have high hopes for it.

    I also love your "coaching." I have a little sign in my garden that says, "Grow, Dammit!" I'm one of those tough-love coaches. LOL

    We share our garden with the wildlife too. It works well with everyone but the grasshoppers - they leave nothing for anyone. And since they're supposed to be the worst they've been in decades here this summer, we'll be skipping the garden this year. I'll enjoy gardening vicariously through you, and cheering on all your little seedlings!

  16. Laloofah,

    I agree that not getting attached to the outcome is much easier said than done...

    I think I need to make one of those signs for my garden...

    Grasshoppers are one critter that we don't have around here,by the sounds of it I should be relieved. Hope next year they take holidays somewhere else so you can get back in the garden.


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