Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Vegan SnoFo

Yaay, for snow days! I spent last weekend getting my garden winterized for the snow... and it's here. I haven't had to go into work, and that is good. We've been out playing and wanted to make a snow creature, but the snow is too dry and it won't pack, so we wrote messages instead.

Here's a little hummingbird at the feeder, which looks empty, but it's not.

Stay warm little hummingbird!

Here's a kitty paw:

Here's a kitty:

The hoop house, housing what are surely frozen veggies by now:

We walked down to the lake and saw that someone else was one his way down there too:

Some pretty flowers along the way:

The lake is lovely in the snow, especially on a sunny afternoon:

Bottoms up:

Two bottoms up:

I guess it was rude of me to take pics of their hineys...they swam off in a huff...who can blame them?

A pretty tree, who likes to grow sideways into the lake:

These guys are Canada geese. If you look closely in the background, you'll see the Seattle Space Needle.


If you're in the US, happy holiday weekend, if you're not, then just happy happy.  


  1. "Vegan SnoFo!" LOL!

    What a sweet and pretty post, Rose... I really enjoyed all your snow-day photos! It all looks so lovely, and the "bottoms up" ducks are especially fun (even if they were offended by your photographing their hineys, you paparazza, you!) :-)

    Have a beautiful and cozy holiday weekend! xoxo

  2. I enjoyed your walk, Rose. I know we must live very close to one another.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  3. Hummingbird + snow--whoa, that's amazing. And, say, those are our geese...doing whatever they do down south. Here they pair up, make nests, and raise goslings (fairly big deal; we have goose-cams and we're all totally wise as to their habits while nesting). Very nice post: I love posts about where people live and the things they do, so thanks!

  4. Fantastic photos! Is that Green Lake? And your hummingbirds are luckier at the moment than mine as I have exactly the same feeder and it is frozen, but hopefully it will thaw tomorrow. Stay warm and thanks for sharing your walk!

  5. I really enjoyed this post, Rose! The "Go Vegan" in the snow was the perfect start to the Vegan SnoFo. lol

    I love when ducks are butt up like that. Too cute! Have a great holiday! :)

  6. I've been hearing about this snow. It sure looks pretty, but I know it would catch me by surprise. I like the clear hummingbird food, too, and always feel so special when I see a hummingbird. Maybe you get more of them, but it's a treat for me, I only see them at my parents' house.

  7. Laurie

    Happy, Gentle Thanksgiving...with duck hineys! :)


    I'm sure we live close too...I'll send you an email...this is long overdue. we should get together! I'll email you after the holiday hullabaloo. :) Very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!


    The Anna's hummingbird overwinters around here...I understand your surprise though...I think is it largely due to the phenomenon of people leaving food out all year for them. But, my neighbor tells me that they can go into a dormant "stupor" when it gets really really cold, and survive in that state for several days.

    The Canada geese are beautiful...they are very common down here in the summer, but I can't recall seeing them a lot in the winter...I'd love to see those goose-cams, they are lovely and interesting fellow earthlings...I love the way they honk and make a fuss when they're coming in for a landing or taking off.


    Yep, it's Greenlake! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your hummingbird neighbors...and the crows and spiders too, of course. I'm glad to hear your electric power is back on!


    Happy Thanksgiving! I thought of you when I saw the Canada geese...from your recent post! :)


    Yes, snow has visited. I know you're a southern girl, but having lived in Ohio, I know it may seem strange to look at 2-inches of snow as a "snow-day" phenomenon! What happens in Ohio? I assume they're better prepared than we are...2-inches shuts us down...and it's Grrreat!

    Happy Thanksgiving Jessica!

  8. Hey you are from Seattle too! I was wondering where else there might be snow. Happy Thanksgiving! Great pics of the lake.

  9. That is really wild about the hummers. What incredible creatures. One inch of snow shuts down the entire DC region (which bodes well in case of terrorist attack).

  10. It hasnt started snowing where I live yet but these pictures make me nostalgic!

  11. hoorah! I used to live right by Greenlake, and I LOVED it when it snowed. I love all your beautiful pictures so much. Kitty prints! Duck fannies! Icicles! It's cold here, but only frost-on-the-roof cold, not icicles cold. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Snow - wow. Crazy. In NYC, we didn't even have to wear our coats every day this week. Beautiful pictures.

  13. Bitt

    Hi Bitt, nice to meet another Seattlite! Hope your Thanksgiving was fun and happy holiday weekend!


    The hummingbirds are really interesting, and they're not very shy either, they often come fluttering and buzzing around my head when I'm out in the garden.

    lol about DC...another snow-wimp city eh?


    That's neat you used to live here! Lots of people complain about the snow, but like you, I love it. It's all gone today though (Friday). Happy holiday weekend to you.


    Sounds like lovely weather in NYC! Have fun! :)

  14. Gorgeous photos! We're cold here, but never any snow (Cali)- such a winter wonderland you have there :)

  15. brrrrrr! Stay warm and I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  16. Jessica@Lima's Kitchen

    I don't know how I didn't see your comment there before...:) It is nice to have a white Thanksgiving I agree, it sort of puts you in a holiday spirit.


    Hi! We don't get a lot of snow in the lowlands here...up in the mountains yes, but not at sea-level where we are, so it's a bit of an event for us as well.


    Thanks! Happy holiday weekend to you too! :)

  17. Love the pictures! I can't believe you still have humming birds around with snow on the ground. Our humming birds flew off in the fall. They always leave for the winter, but come back in the summer.

  18. Wow I wish I lived where you do! So many cute animals, especially your kitty. It looks like it's a pain to take care of your garden in winter though. It's probably in the mid 50s out here in California and we're all freezing haha I am sure I wouldn't last long at where you live but it sure is pretty!

  19. Michelle

    Yeah, the Anna's Hummingbird overwinters here; we're at sea level and winters are not usually harsh, but just cool and rainy. But, I really feel for them when temps get cold...I like to keep the feeders full of juice so they can fuel up.


    You got it about being a pain to put the the garden to bed in the winter. I like the snow, but really wish that temps never got this's too difficult to keep certain plants alive through it.

    Lol, I heard you guys were having a "cold" spell down in CA! If it were 50 here, people would be walking around in shorts! :D


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