Monday, November 8, 2010

Raw Key Lime Pie

**Post Factum:** 
This is one of a series of posts for Vegan MoFo 2010; my theme was a 'Virtual Random Road Trip', where I used's random geographic location generator to select locations around the globe, I then attempted to cook a few dishes from the traditional cuisine of that place. I didn't have a lot of time between generating the locations and coming up with recipes (~ 1 day). So, lacking time to do proper research, I can't vouch for the authenticity of anything I came up with. However, they are what they are, and it was a fun theme. 

No visit to Florida would be complete without a visit to the Keys, and I've been wanting to try a raw dessert for a while now, so this presented a good opportunity. This is the second dessert dish I've made in the period of a week. I can't even remember the last time I ate two desserts in the same week...I always say that I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but now I'm thinking that I've had one all along and just didn't know it...this is super yummy.

The crust is made with dates, cashews, shredded coconut and a little salt. I thought it would be too sweet, but it's so good, I could eat it on its own. Dried fruit and nuts just go together. The filling is avocado, lime juice, and agave nectar. It is smooth and cool with a nice lime flavor, but again not too sweet. It's really delicious with banana slices too. I used my 7-inch springform pan, and only made half a recipe.The full recipe is here.

Raw desserts are fun, (and clever) and so much quicker than the baked/cooked versions.

Anyway, time to move on...the next destination is:

 Algeria. YUM!

Back in a day or two with an appropriate comestible.

Roseann LaPonte
Rosanne Tobin


  1. Algeria?? cant wait to see that! no guesses.great pie! you plated it so neatly. ive seen variations of this (raw)before. you make it look even easier to do. did your husband enjoy this one?

  2. Very pretty pie. A friend once made me avocado ice cream and it tasted wonderful, but mentally, eating avocado as a dessert is hard for me. It's right up there with nuts in cake. The other problem I have with raw desserts is they often contain too much fat for me. Avocado plus coconut oil, no matter if the fat is "healthy" fat, is a LOT of fat. I could maybe eat a tablespoon of the pie. But it certainly looks fabulous!

  3. Michelle

    My husband hasn't tasted it yet...I think he'll like it, but I can't say for sure. :)

    Thanks Jeni


    I understand what you mean about the doesn't bother me, but I had friend many years ago from Guinea Bissau, and to him eating avocado was always associated with sweet, and eating it savory was unappealing to him. You guys are opposites!:)

    I hear you on the fat...and the calories. This is a bomb of both of certainly isn't something I would eat often, but I wanted to try it at least once. I do like the crust though, and would be open to making it again and just rolling it into little balls or something to eat as a small sweet treat.

  4. I love key lime pie and yours looks amazing! I just may have to try this out. :o)

  5. heh... Algeria looks interesting. Your pie looks awesome!

  6. I've made this same recipe before when I was eating all raw :) I liked it, but my husband didn't. He does't like avocados though so that explains that.

  7. I love raw desserts.. they are so easy and delicious.

  8. Avocado? Algeria? Really? :-)

    That pie is such a rich color, wouldn't that be a pretty dessert for St. Patrick's Day? I'll be admiring this one from afar, though, since I'm with Andrea re: the fat content. But the crust has me intrigued. I always used a graham cracker crust for my vegan pumpkin pie, and that combo was utterly awesome. But since McDougalling, finding healthy, lowfat vegan graham crackers has been an impediment, as has making the crust nice and crunchy-crispie without the margarine. I've tried Grapenuts with apple juice, but it was too mushy even after baking. I've heard of various nuts & dates combos, but haven't tried any yet. But I think I'll try your crust for my pumpkin pie this year. Think it would be a good accompaniment?

    Algeria will be really interesting! Besides maybe couscous and chickpeas (???), I'm clueless! Can't wait to be edu-ma-cated! :-)

  9. I agree with you on the dessert thing - I never think I have a sweet tooth until I have sweets in the house! That crust does sound good. Every time I buy a Larabar I think that I should just make my own.

    What a great finale to Miami! By the way, congrats on being recognized in the Mofo blog - you really deserve it! This roadtrip is fun.

  10. Michelle

    If you try it, let us know how you like it.




    Yeah, I agree, this pie is probably not going to be that appetizing to someone who doesn't like totally looks like avocados too.


    I agree, and they are so ingenious too.

  11. Laurie

    I know, you and Andrea are making me feel like a piggy for eating this! The fat and calories too I'm sure are way out of control...good thing I only made 1/2 a batch. Alternately, I can take the rest into my work...I work with a bunch of software engineers and if you put food out for *does not* matter what it is, it will minutes. I guess they get a little stir crazy starring at the monitors all day...eating is a diversion.

    The crust isn't really crispy, so if you're looking for crispy this wouldn't be it. I think it would taste good though. Hmmm, I wonder what you could try...maybe make your own lowfat graham crackers?

    I agree, I think Algeria (not to be confused with Algebra (lol)) should be fun.


    You got it, the crust really is the best part. If I make it again, I think I'd just make the crust and eat it with banana slices.

    I'm glad you're having fun! Thanks for the nice comments and the congrats.


    Thanks as always for you fun and kind comments!

  12. Laurie

    Also, another thought on the crust if you want crunchy is maybe toast the shredded coconut, and use more of it and fewer dates,


    use just enough dates to bind with some low fat graham crackers instead of the cashews and coconut (?) Just a thought.

  13. Rose, that pie is such a beautiful shade of green! Love it love it love it!

  14. Hi! This is my first visit to your blog. I love your theme for MoFo! I look forward to seeing your Algerian dish and everything else that you come up with this month!

  15. There's nothing like a dish loaded with (healthy, non-hydrogenated) fats once in a while, in my opinion. Judging by your posts, you eat more than your share of lo-fat meals, and anyway, the calories in avocados are totally compensated for by the vast amounts of vitamins and nutrients of various kinds they contain. I'm sure the crust was delicious, but I'm seeing the filling as a pudding, topped with crushed pistachios...

    Algeria--so fun! I could do a whole month of North Africa easily. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  16. I've tried a raw key lime pie before but it didn't turn out as good as I wanted it to. I need to make it using avocado. Your pie looks so pretty.

  17. I've never tried anything raw before but the whole raw movement is certainly growing fast. i love how pretty your crust looks and your wonderful presentation with the slices of fruit. i really must try a raw pie..i am sure they're a lot healthier than the sugar packed sweets i've been baking lately

  18. Thanks Mo!


    Thanks, I'm trying to read as many new (to me) blogs as I can too...I'll be stopping by yours very soon!


    This would be great as a pudding on w/o the crust and the crused pistacios would look really pretty and go perfectly.

    I know what you mean about North African many delicious dishes, it's difficult to figure out what to focus on.


    Thanks, I thought the avocados were a pretty good key lime pie component, but this is the first one I've ever tried...I never even had a (non-vegan) one before so it's difficult for me to compare.


    I haven't delved into raw food much either, it is something I want to become more versed in, but I don't think I could eat it exclusively...I bet there are a lot of cool raw pie recipes out there though! :)

  19. i've never had a raw dessert, but i LOVE key lime pie and your raw version looks amazing!

  20. Wow I love this theme! It's really fun. And the keylime pie looks incredible. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Algeria.

  21. Rose, thank you so much for your pie crust suggestions! Clearly I'll be turning my kitchen into a pie crust labORatory this season! :-) I did find a graham cracker-like crust recipe at FatFreeVegan (it uses oats), and how I missed it till now I have no idea! I'll be trying it out, too. I really want to make my pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving again!

    You spoiled us last week with your wonderful daily posts, but I know how labor-intensive and time consuming they were, don't know how you managed it, and am glad you're not pushing yourself so hard this week. That said, though, I admit I'm having withdrawal now! ;-) I'm so curious to see what this road trip to Algeria brings!

  22. Using a springform pan was a great idea. Did you not use the coconut oil? If you did, how did you warm it up?

  23. Sara

    This was the first raw dessert recipe for me, and it was pretty fun; I was so curious to find out how it would work with the avocados...I've also seen raw recipes for chocolate pudding that use avocados and cocoa powder...very creative, I think.

    Candy Beans

    Thanks for stopping by...I'm trying to get to as many new-to-me blogs as possible...I'll be stopping by yours soon!


    Your pie crust labORatory sounds like fun! For my next post, I've been using semolina flour...I'm sure anything Susan at FFV is a much better bet, but while using it, I was thinking that it could possibly make a substitute for graham cracker crumbs...just adding in some spices...if it worked it would be a no-fat crumb mix for the crust...then just to figure out how to bind it.

    Anyway, I hope to have an Algeria post up much delicous food, it was difficult to focus on one thing...I'm sure I won't do it justice...North African food is indeed exquisite.



    I did use the oil, the recipe recommends putting it in a dehydrator to melt...but get real...I don't have one, so I just melted it on low heat on the stove...maybe the coco oil part wasn't truly raw...but don't tell anyone. :P

  24. This pie looks incredibly creamy and delicious. Was there any problem with it browning (because of the avocado), or did all of the lime keep it from oxidizing? I think raw desserts are so creative and fun.

  25. Cadry

    The recipe said to cover the pie with cling film right over the top...I think as a double measure to keep it from turning brown, and I think that kept the green color nice and bright. I think the lime juice would keep it from browning but maybe not stay as vibrant green; after the first servings, I didn't bother putting the plastic over the top again and it didn't brown, but the color turned a bit dull...


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