Friday, November 5, 2010

The Miami Cocktail--Bar Lab Twist

**Post Factum:** 
This is one of a series of posts for Vegan MoFo 2010; my theme was a 'Virtual Random Road Trip', where I used's random geographic location generator to select locations around the globe, I then attempted to cook a few dishes from the traditional cuisine of that place. I didn't have a lot of time between generating the locations and coming up with recipes (~ 1 day). So, lacking time to do proper research, I can't vouch for the authenticity of anything I came up with. However, they are what they are, and it was a fun theme. 

The first week of Vegan MoFo has been a lot of fun so far. My reader feed is out of control, and I'm scrambling to keep up, but lovin' it. You can feel the excitement out there in beautiful vegan blogland. But I have to admit, I'm a little exhausted from it all, so I think a little R&R is order.

Yesterday the random location generator landed just off the Florida coast. Here's a zoomed in view of the precise location:

The actual weather conditions look like this:

Speaking as a Pacific Northwest native, that sounds pretty good to me. I was doing a little research, and apparently there is (really) a small craft advisory off the coast of Southern Florida this weekend. (Due to Hurricane heart goes out to Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Cuba; I hope they don't get hit too hard.)  So, we'll be heading onto the mainland, specifically Miami. (Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Jessica!)

Meanwhile, time for a little cocktail. I'm not going to give you the recipe...two handsome lads from the Bar Lab in Miami Beach can do that (Seriously, even if you're not interested in the cocktail, it's worth watching; they're a couple of cuties.) <3

Vegan-friendly spirits I used (per Barnivore):

Tanqueray  Gin
Bitter Truth's Lemon Bitters

The Miami Cocktail-Bar Lab Twist 
( I used a lot of mint...maybe too much, almost looks like a green smoothie)

Tomorrow: Night out in the city where the heat is on...the streets.


  1. I'm really enjoying this great twist you took on vegan mofo! Spectacular recipes & food you've featured so far. *drool*

  2. MMMmmm! Rum, Creme De Menthe & Lemon Juice...Sounds like a plan!

  3. Molly

    Thanks, glad you're having fun. I am too actually...I like that the "theme" for each series of posts is out of my control to a certain's like living on the edge..LOL


    You seem much happier now that olives and raisin-filled pastries are out of the picture...I have to agree, cocktails trump that any day.

  4. HA! Too much. I love your Miami vibe, and the photo is hilarious. Thanks for showing the setup. You had me going for a minute. :D

  5. p.s. It's pretty cool to mosey up to one of the open-air bars along the beach and order a cocktail. I've enjoyed doing that in South Beach.

  6. Andrea

    Oh, I can imagine that must be pretty fab. I've never been to Miami or Florida...but now, even just after just doing this one post, I want to go! Must be such a fun city...loads of life and vibrance. I love all the fruits and herbs the lads have laid out in front of their bar...really says TROPICAL.

  7. Lovin' the road trip, Rose! I've been here long enough to look at your lovely pics and recipes, but sometimes I don't have time to comment before I need to teach a math lesson or do a puzzle. Know that I've been completely enjoying your posts. So much fun, and definitely amazing food!

  8. I am loving this road trip! and I love how you added the current weather, such a cute idea! I agree with you, so many MoFo posts but it is a lot of fun

  9. BlessedMama

    Glad you are enjoying it! Never-ever-ever feel like you have to comment or not's all good. No expectations here!

    I can only imagine how much energy it takes to run a household and take care of a family, much less home school too. I really admire what you do! All that and you have time to post yummy food too! You are awesome!

  10. Jacklyn

    ...I know, so much MoFo so little time! I'm starting to have fun with this MoFo's kind of like doing a report for school...but a fun one.

    I'm going to tear my butt of my seat in a few minutes, go to the kitchen and make your mac n' cheese recipe! Yummers.


  11. whats a reader feed? i feel like im in miami, it was 90 today. what a pretty drink!

  12. DD

    Did you check out those Miami cuties...just interested in your they hit the cute-o-meter?

    The reader feed I mention is the Google Reader thingy you can subscribe to for the has all the MoFo participants lined up and you can view the list of posts as it grows and grows and grows...

    Hey 90 there beats Miami was only 70!

  13. That looks like a tasty beverage! And they are CUTE!

  14. Mo

    Glad to get confirmation on the cuuute factor!

  15. Oh, no, please don't inspire me to start making cocktails! Though, how about that as a future MoFo project - a new drink every day, wouldn't that be fun? At least, it would sure seem fun at the time...

    Your drink looks so refreshing and tasty, and I love your setup. Cute guys aside, I was right *in* that bar, experimentin' away with all that fruit and liquor, in my mind--

  16. I had to wait till it was at least noon my time before leaving my comment, lest you think I'd spent all morning (or, horrors!, the entire night) in the bar! LOL (Of course, you know what they say... it's always Happy Hour somewhere!) ;-)

    Another original and fun post, beautiful and refreshing beverages, and cute cocktail-creating guys for sure! But your feat of very clever trick photography trumps everything! I can picture you grinning mischievously while you dreamed up and executed that fun deception!

    I never had a desire to tend bar, but I always thought bartending school would be fun. (Especially with those Miami drink mixers as instructors!) ;-)

    ¡Salud! and cheers!

  17. Zoa That would be a fun theme! If a little dangerous. :P

    I loved all those herb and fruits laid out that bar a food playground.


    LOL! Or you could use the excuse that you wanted to start the day in the same state you intended to finish it...I've actually heard that one before.

    I was having fun scheming that photo up....I was sure it was going to look a little cheesy, but that was part of the fun! I think I had more fun with this post, than any other....esp. with those two cuties.

    Bartending school with those two as instructors? If they have one, sign-up and I'll meet you there. That would be a total gas!

    ¡Salud! to you and BW too! Happy Saturday.

  18. First let me say I'm loving the picture up top with the license plate, very cool.
    Cocktails, I don't make too many but it's always nice to know of some good ones just in case.

  19. JoLynn

    Thanks! :)

    I'm not big on cocktails make this I actually just bought those little airplane size bottles, and the bitters I already had on hand. I agree, they are fun sometimes though.

  20. What a great way to start the next leg of the trip - with a drink! I agree, I'm not huge on cocktails but I think this sounds pretty good. I thought your first photo of the drink was an advertisement until I scrolled down and saw your set up.

  21. That drink looks so good right now! Also, love the backdrop :-)

  22. Jessica

    You just got to have a cocktail if you're in Miami...I guess, I've never been, but I think that's what I would do.


    Thanks! The drink turned out pretty minty, but if I made it again, I would use a little less.

  23. ha i didnt even know that that was a video!! i thought it was a picture. so anyway i watched it:) to much hair, i love a shaved head:) your conga(o?) video got me going though:)

  24. Michelle

    Too much You like the shaved hubby as a naturally "shaved" head, and I agree they are adorable...but I likes the hair too.

  25. What a pretty drink! You have me wishing that I was at the beach! :o)


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