Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Waddling Wayfarer

Every year around this time, a mated pair of mallard ducks comes to spend a few weeks in the front yard of some neighbors about two blocks away. Without fail, they come to that same house, hang out for 2-3 weeks, and then fly away…probably back to the nearby lake.

I have to admit that I’ve secretly envied the lucky people who these ducks chose to be their hosts. When  I pass by, I wish that they would come stay in our yard for a while. I'd even put a little kiddie pool out for them to use. It would be like hosting web-footed foreign exchange students!

 Well, the other day, the female of the pair wandered all the way down to our place.

She liked the large puddle in front of the house.

I was hoping she would stay, so I put together a makeshift duck shelter under a low-hanging bush:

But she wasn't inclined to use it. She spent several hours sitting in the grass and enjoying the puddle, then took off just after dusk. 

I was a little worried about her because there was no sign of her mate.  Moreover, our neighborhood, although a quiet area, is really not a terribly safe place for a duck. They don’t seem to have any savvy or fear of cars, often waddling casually out into the streets...I worry that they may get knocked down. And, there are also raccoons in the neighborhood; a duck would be an easy target for them.

Anyway, here's to wishing this little wayfarer well in her travels and hoping she will be reunited with her mate.  And, Michelle and Lilly: if you're out there, as the lovers of water fowl that you are (and in Lilly's case, the water fowl that you are)...this one's for you.


  1. Aww, she's so cute, I love ducks. We occasionally get a pair of mallards on our lawn, they come from a nearby pond, but never stay too long. Good thing, we have lots of loose cats and a few loose dogs in the neighborhood along with the occasional raccoon like you.

  2. She sure did let you get close. Very exciting!

  3. Very sweet. Maybe she'll come and visit your place more often now that she's gotten a little taste of it.

  4. What a sweet post. I hope nothing happened to her mate. =( Maybe the both will come back soon for another visit. :-)

    I used to save bread to take to the sweet ducks at our marina. They used to know the sound of my car. But the time I walked down the dock to the sailboat they who be waiting for me. They are much smarter than I realized.


  5. I just love it, your love and concern for the ducks.

    Caring for humans and animals enlarges our life and our capacity for love.

    Good job.

  6. i love it!!! my parents have been in town so i have not been on the internet. as soon as i saw this on my dashboard thing i came running..(ill say waddling to keep with the spirit of this post) thats so sweet that you set up a kiddie pool. we will do things like that here for lilly and sometimes you think they would love something and they couldnt care less. i have no idea why. birds dont really hve that good of a sense of smell so thats ruled out. two years ago we set up and "outside oasis" for lil, with a water pump, dry dock, canopy, feeding station etc. she jsut stood in the middle and wouldnt even dabble in the water. it was really frustrating. maybe your duck is a single lady like lilly:)

  7. Janet,

    I know, I was worried about the dogs too. Isn't is charming when they stop by for a visit?


    She was really calm...I guess quite used to humans...she came right up to me.


    I hope so, but I have a feeling she's headed back down to spend the summer at the lake...smart girl!


    I know, I was worried about that...they are usually inseparable. Cute story about the ducks at your marina...I bet they miss snacking with you :)

    Wild Magnolia,

    I couldn't agree with you more: respecting, caring, and loving all our fellow creatures makes life worth living and is one of the truly beautiful things in life.

  8. Michelle,

    I was thinking of you and Lilly when this little visitor showed up. It just goes to show...they know their own minds...I tried to convince her to take shelter in that little box with hay in it...I'm sure it just wasn't up to par. I didn't actually set up the kiddie pool...would have done if she hung around longer...she had a great time in that puddle though.

  9. My cutest post title of the month award goes to you. Wish I had a duck...even a temporary one...what a little sweetie. Good luck to her!

  10. HayMarket,

    She was quite loveable.


    HeeHee... I'll gladly accept that award! :)

  11. Rose, I really like your blog. What cute duckies :) I am following your blog now. Check mine out and follow if you like :) elilaiann.blogspot.com

  12. Carissa,

    Thanks for stopping by. I just had a quick look at your blog and it's lovely. I"ll be back for sure.

  13. Rose, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to visit this adorable post! It's just ducky! :-) I too hope her nothing has befallen her mate, and that they're enjoying a lovely paddle around the lake this very minute. I'm so glad your wish came at least partially true, and this sweet girl came to spend part of a day at your welcoming home. The kiddie pool was a thoughtful touch, and the duck shelter look so inviting it made ME want to spend some time there! :-) (Why she didn't care to use either just goes to show, there's no accounting for tastes!)

    I hope she waddled back to her honey and told him, "I've just had the most wonderful, relaxing day at this lovely Day Spa I found. We simply must go there together sometime, darling!" Hopefully they'll return soon, together!

    Thanks for the smile, I'm glad I carved out a little time this busy morning to finally visit your waddling wayfarer!

  14. Stacy,

    Thanks for stopping by: I'll be checking out your blog soon!


    I could go with running a Day Spa for ducks. I wonder if I could get any "duck bucks" out of them.

    I hope you're right and they're having a lovely paddle around the lake now too. Thanks for stopping by...and have a great vacation! You must be in the midst of your final preparations.


  15. I could go with running a Day Spa for ducks. I wonder if I could get any "duck bucks" out of them.

    LOL - I don't know, but I'm sure they'd tell you to put everything on their bill! *snork!* (*quack!*)

    I am in the middle of final everything, and it feels like utter mayhem. I'm sure it will all come together in time somehow, but right now I'm taking refuge in a bowl of frozen banana ice cream! That always makes everything go smoother. :-)

  16. ...ba-dump-bum....

    Laurie your witticisms are the best...you know you have me snorking and quacking with that one. Good one!

    I'm sure it will all come together...have a great trip and enjoy your banana ice cream. Sweet dreams and happy holidays!

  17. Thank you so much! Wow that duck is super cute :)


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