Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Roasted Ratatouille, Foxy Love and More...

Above was a quick and delicious supper that really puts you in the mood for summer...a combination of roasted veggies based on ratatouille: yellow and green summer squash, aubergine (aka eggplant), peppers, tomatoes, garlic, and leek. Topped with fresh thyme and some orange zest (not in picture)...it's simple, but wonderfully tasty.

And now, a treat for the eyes. Recently, I ordered some original art prints from My Zoetrope. She is a wonderfully talented woman; be sure to check out her blog, and her artwork!

Entitled: Foxy Love

Entitled: Teeter Totter

And, she sends  a lovely little notecard along with the order...

I must say, I am ever so charmed by this asparagus man! Notice the letter 'A' on his y-fronts :)


  1. I think I like the asparagus man best as well, though the kitties are cute too!

    Your ratatouille looks so much nicer than the traditional version.

    talk to you soon,

  2. Rose, your roasted ratatouille looks awesomely healthy and beautiful...as I'm liberally pouring oil over everything I eat I so often think of you ;-)

    I like the Zoetrope drawings as well! The little nipples on the asparagus man just won my heart...

  3. "Your ratatouille looks so much nicer than the traditional version"

    YES thats exactly what i was thinking.

    i wonder what kind of emergency you would have to need asparagus man?

  4. Very beautiful. The pictures would be fun for decorating a nursery. I think Asparagus Man will be famous one day.

  5. Alicia,

    A-man is cool isn't he? For me, the foxes are the cutest followed by the kitties, then of course A-man's coolness supersedes his cuteness.


    Same here...I often think of you when I'm pulling the olive oil off the shelf...roasted veggies just wouldn't be good without it! The thing that gets me about A-man is the "A" on his y-fronts! :)


    You bring up a good point...what sort of emergency would we need A-man for? Maybe some sort of vegetable emergency like "Help! Slugs are are eating my cabbages!" or, "Help, there's not enough dipping sauce for these crudite!"


    I was thinking the same thing...that they would be lovely in a child's room, but they'll just be going in this big kids room instead. And you may very well be right about the Asparagus Man too!

  6. Thank you so much! I will definitely enjoy myself :)

    Wow that ratatouille looks absolutely fantastic!

  7. "Help, there's not enough dipping sauce for these crudite!"


  8. Your roasted vegetables look so delicious! We haven't hauled our grill out yet, but I can't wait to roast some marinated veggies on it! Yum!

    I love, love, LOVE "Foxy Love!" Adorable!! (I've loved foxes since I was very little, when I had an invisible pet fox living under my bed! The fox is definitely my totem!) Her foxes remind me of the fox illustrations in "The Little Prince!" So sweet! I need to remember to check out her blog and web site. "Teeter Totter" is precious too, and Asparagus Man is not to be trifled with, lookin' all buff and dashing in his red cape and y-fronts (do you think they're Fruit of the Looms?)

    I love your ideas about what sort of emergency Asparagus Man would be called upon to deal with. If he's a crime-fighting superhero, he probably gets summoned to rectify these types of nefarious activities...

    A Salt and Broccoli
    Armed Rhubarbry
    Illegal Peas Demonstration
    Illegal U-Turnip
    Any other fennely or misdemeanor.

    Once he's collard someone, chard them with a crime, and hauled them off to kale, I wonder if he peppers them with tough questions? And if they won't cooperate, maybe he artichokes or beets them. Lettuce hope not! :-)

  9. Not to mention Broccoli Rabery! I daresay, he probably does beet them sometimes...until they say they're sorrel that is.

    Oh man Lalo, you really got me laughing! Thanks for totally making my day!

    The foxes are my favorite too; they've always been one of my favorite animals, and I agree that they are similar to the St Exupery drawings.

    I love that you had an invisible pet fox...have you ever read a book called "Sylva" by Jean Vercors? It's about a fox that turns into a human woman but still retains the nature of a fox? It's a novel, but couples as a study of human nature and anthropology...

    Anyway, I'm sure Asparagus Man is out there somewhere fighting slime and other blights!

  10. Catching up with my blog reads, so will be hanging around for a little while, see your cooking concoctions and growing progress. My first comment though is 'my oh my that is one hefty looking ratatouille dish!'.

  11. Hi Mangocheeks!

    Hefty is a good word to describe it!

  12. ..."until they're sorrel..." ROTFL! Good one, Rose!! Tickled me no end! :-)

    I've not only never read "Sylva," I've never heard of it! I checked, but nary a library in Wyoming has it. I see that there are used copies of it on Amazon, however. Your description of it sounds intriguing, and makes me think of this painting by Susan Seddon-Boulet called Fox Maiden. I'll try to get a copy of Sylva... thanks for telling me about it!

  13. Laurie,

    That painting captures the subject matter very well! I read that book so long ago, when I was in college, but now that I mentioned it, I think I should have a reread...I remember it being ever so engaging.

    Have a good weekend!

  14. Marvelous Asparagus Man! :) Loved it!

  15. Wild Magnolia

    Hi, thanks for stopping by...isn't A-man the cutest?

  16. that was very nice passage


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