Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hello, It's Molly

This is just a random post, so feel free to ignore it. I felt like posting something, but I don't really have anything to post about except for the fact that we adopted Molly the cat. We've been fostering her from the animal shelter since September, and well, she just became part of the family.

At the shelter, it's jokingly referred to as a "foster failure" when a foster parent adopts one of their fosters...and I'm pretty much a foster failure. Last year, we fostered Lucky and ended up adopting him. But in our defense, we have fostered several other kitties that ended up getting adopted by others. It's not safe for me to foster too often though, lest I become a crazy cat know the type who lives in a little house at the end of the road with dozens and dozens of cats around the place.

Anyway, how could we not adopt her...look how sweet she looks sitting amongst the plants.

And check out this kitty snuggling:

Lucky (right) and Molly have become good friends. Molly follows him around like a big brother. And, Lucky's young and playful enough to enjoy playing chase and cat wrestling. Whereas, Cheeky our older cat is really not that interested.

In food news, though I cook everyday, I haven't been too blog-oriented on that front. But, here are a couple dark shots (apologies...these were taken in our bat cave of a kitchen) of a pretty good pizza we had recently:

lot's of herby sauce, green pepper, mushroom, onion, tomato, and black olives

Out of the oven with fresh basil and oregano on top:

It's going to be a short, but busy week. Have a good one! Talk to you soon.


  1. Oh, my gosh, I'm first, yes!! Congratulations to Molly! Yay, I'm so happy for her and Lucky, and yes, even Cheeky. And for you guys! I could never just foster fuzzies - they would all be mine. I'm planning on being the crazy cat lady on my street one day - oh, the future and the hope it holds. :-)

    That pizza looks good before it's cooked too. Before I scrolled down, I thought that was the final pic, but then I saw the finished pizza, and yummers. Either one would satisfy me (as long as the crust was cooked).

  2. I can't get over how much Sophie & Molly look like each other! How sweet that her & Lucky are buds. I think Sophie would be buddies with another kitty if we had one who was so willing, but Crystal is very aloof.

    The pizza looks so good!

  3. Ha! I kind of suspected when I saw her photo, that you'd be adopting her. I used to have three cats and that was about all the cats I could handle, but I always entertained the idea of becoming a cat lady. :) I think I have my limits for free falling cat hair and cat boxes. Would you consider a fourth cat? Let me know. Anyway, she's a darling cat, and Molly and Lucky make a handsome pair.

  4. Oh, what a little doll! She looks like our big boy, Roger. I've known a lot of super-cool, mellow gray cats: would you describe her as such?

    The pizza looks awesome! I need to get back into making pizza without Daiya. Even though it's delicious, I dislike processed food in general. This looks wholesome yet still nomulent.

  5. You did a great thing. For that, you were rewarded with delicious pizza!

  6. Aww that is such a wonderful thing that you adopted her. She is gorgeous! Everyone is posting pet pics today, I'm enjoying all the fur baby love! That pizza looks DELICIOUS!!

  7. BlessedMama,

    What...? You mean you're not into raw pizza dough? lol. :D I think the fresh veggies look more would be good to eat them fresh on a cooked pizza crust; great idea!!!

    So, we'll both be crazy cat ladies someday...sounds good. I'm probably half-way there at least on the crazy part. :P


    I know, they do look a lot alike. Although Molly isn't a tortie, she's sort of a dilute tabby I guess. That's why I was surprised to see that Sophie was a tortie; she always looked like a tabby to me in the photos until that one pic where I realized.

    I think Crystal and Cheeky have that in common; they're probably a lot alike: the old queens of the roost!


    Yes, for some reason being a cat/animal rescue lady sounds sort of ok...that and growing flowers, making cookies and home brew; that's how I always imagined myself in my twilight years anyway...we'll see.

    I think 3 is the limit for us at the moment, mostly for financial reasons. But, is there a particular kitty you have in mind that needs a home?

  8. Stacy,

    Yeah, Molly is mellow for a 1-year old. She still does play a lot though. She's such a love bug; she always wants to be in the same room with me and sleeps right next to me under the covers; she's a dote.

    I do the Daiya and/or Follow Your Heart every once in while too, and sometimes make a quick cheesy-style sauce for pizza, depending on my mood. I've been in a cheeze-less mood lately. :)


    I did heed your warning/advice. Unless they get adopted directly from foster care to a really awesome's just too difficult to let go. Taking them back to the shelter feels like you're the one abandoning them.


    Must be the day for it...I've just been gazing at Shen's adorable lot myself!

  9. I want to invite myself over for pizza and kitty snuggling!!!

  10. It seems like less of a foster failure and more like a total success. Mollt already seems very happy. I hope it works our well for both of you!

  11. I believe there may be. I'm worried that the cat I thought had a home, may be on her own.

  12. Tt, thanks for stopping by. :)


    Thanks for the well wishes.


    Oh dear, poor kitty. Have you put up "cat found" signs? She may be lost from somewhere. They have clipboards at the animal shelter where people write down descriptions of lost animals. I can have a look on Wed when I go in for my shelter shift.

  13. Why (and how) on earth could we ignore this post?! Congratulations to you and Molly! She's so adorable, and how wonderful that she and Lucky have become such buds! (Maybe she'll keep him from wandering off on any more unauthorized adventures!)

    Your pizzas look divine! BW's been on a real pizza-making kick lately, which I do absolutely nothing to discourage. :-)

  14. Yay and Congratulations on adopting Molly. I'm so glad you adopted her...she is so adorable. I love the kitty snuggle! :o)

    We had pizza last night, but it didn't look near as good as yours. That is one fine looking pizza and I know it was delish!

  15. Haha...thanks Laurie! Let's hope he doesn't take her on any of his adventures!

    Thanks Michelle: Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations on your new addition to the family! How perfect too that Lucky and Molly have bonded. I'm sure they'll be happy to keep their new companion!

  17. Thanks for making me smile with those pictures, those two cats are awesome!

  18. The pizza look really really good! And lovely pics of the cats, Molly is a lucky kitty (and so is Lucky, I guess :-).


  19. Brittany,

    Thanks for stopping by!! :)


    Thanks! We're all lucky! :D And your approbation of one of my humble pizzas means a lot!!

    Thanks Alessandra! :)

  20. My pleasure, and I mean it, it looks great! :-)


  21. You thought you didn't have much to post about? Well, excuse me! A new kit and a delicious pizza? That works for me!

    I once lived in the country and had a Great Dane and 13 cats, mostly ex-strays. Did I count as a crazy cat lady? Probably! Your ambitions sound good to me and between us my husband and I live that life, though with only 4 cats! (He makes homebrew...)

    I, too, thought it was a raw pizza. I had one in the summer and wasn't overly impressed, so it was a relief to see the baked version. VERY nice!

    Sorry to be so late in commenting, but I've explained why elsewhere... :o)

  22. Penny,

    Yes, the crazy cat lady lifestyle sounds pretty good to me! :) We've always wanted to do homebrew, but just can't seem to get it together. :D

  23. I feel like I can smell that pizza.

    I've temporarily foster failed before - taken dogs out of the shelter when their due date was about up...then kept them way longer than I thought I would - because I wanted to. But then I always end up finding them homes because I'm not as good with pets as I wish I was. I'm happy for Molly! Have I ever told you about my crazy cat lady great aunt? She was so cool! But she ended up with so many cats they had to take her out of her home. Despite the fact I don't have a single cat, my family still thinks I'm going to end up like her. I think there are worse things than ending up as the crazy cat lady! :)

  24. Jenny:

    Fostering is difficult! You get so attached, but at the same time you can't take them all in forever and you want them to find a good home. It's a trust issue with me...I hate saying goodbye unless I have a 100% good feeling about the potential adopters...I'm probably too wary; I need to have more faith.

    I agree that the cat lady lifestyle has its appeal. I'd love to hear more about your aunt sometime. :)

  25. PS: Love your pregnant Santa belly avatar!!

  26. Molly is adorable! Both Lucky and Molly look like they are so comfortable with each other.
    Your pizza looks really good. I never though of using my rectangle stone instead of my round pizza stone for pizza.

  27. JoLynn,

    I just wish Cheeky would join in on the kitty love fest. I usually make rectangle pizzas, I guess, because that's the way my mom always made them at home and I always think of homemade pizza being rectangular. :D

  28. That is some seriously beautiful food!

  29. I love your cat shots! What beautiful felines. Just discovered your blog and having a little look through. Great stuff. By the way the white-gazpacho's called 'ajo blanco' and I agree, I've never made a version of it that come anywhere near regular Gazpacho.


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