Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey, It's Still Summer Chili Dog

I think I may have been cyber bullied into doing this post. (j/k Shen!). But, I know I wasn't the only one who was moved to make chili after seeing Shen's appetizing batch last weekend. (Just in case you don't already know, that's Shen of Shenandoah Vegan fame, aka SV)  Her chili looked so beany and thick and delicious, I had to make a batch the following day. I mentioned this to SV, and at her subsequent request, here are some pics.

We've been eating it since last Monday, so by today, I only had a bit left...just enough for a chili dog. I also thought this was a good time to try out the new Field Roast Frankfurters that have been in my freezer for about a month. I guess they sell them at the baseball park here, which I have to say is cool.

Here's one frying up in a pan:

As far as the frankfurers go, they seemed drier and grainier to me than other veggie dogs; the texture is similar to their veggie sausages. The flavor is distinct and savory; overall, I liked the taste and the texture. I don't buy veggie dogs too often, only when I get a hankering. I think I'd buy these again, but maybe not to the exclusion of the occasional Smart Dog.

On to the chili...Shen, per your request, this one's for you:

Shen's batch was far more delicious-looking than mine; hers was the quintessential bowl of chili. I didn't have Crystal's chili mix, but I did base mine off the what I could gather Shen put in.  It had onions, garlic, and pepper (anaheim, sweet banana, and poblano) sauteed with chili flakes, chili powder, cumin, oregano, and ground coriander,  tons of par-cooked beans and a large can of tomatoes tossed in with salt and pepper, cooked for several hours. Chili always tastes better the next day, and the day after, and the day after that...

On a side note, I tried some spiralized oven potatoes. I used the largest blade on the sprializer and I was hoping they'd come out like curly fries, but no go. Even the largest blade is too thin; they were more like hash browns--not bad, just not like fries.

Summer is still in full swing around here, but this weekend will probably be the last blast of it. Both the chili and the chili dog really hit the spot: spicy, tasty food that goes great with beer. Thanks for the inspiration Shen!  

Speaking of beer, I love seeing signs like this:

Yes, please!!

Rose Tobin
Roseann LaPonte
Rosanne Marie Tobin


  1. How cool that they have that sign for vegan beer up! The world is slowly becoming vegan, it seems. :)

    Chili is going on our menu for this week. It looks so good! We're also going to have a fire & roast some weinies, so maybe we'll just have to drag the chili out there with us, too.

    Have a great weekend, Rose!

  2. Rose -- I just realized you lived in the Pacific Northwest. Lucky you! I lived in Oregon off and on for almost ten years -- wonderful place. Are you from that area originally? Your beer labels were a dead giveaway of where you lived -- Deschutes, Rogue, and North Coast.Your chili mix sounds great. Today is our first real fall feeling day so a good bowl of chili would be fitting. Good post -- barbara

  3. I was thinking of you this morning when they were talking about the heat up your way! This sounds like a great way to use up tasty chili. What was the beer of choice?

  4. Love the vegan beer sign and that pic of your dinner looks gorgeous and summery! I want some of those spiralized potatoes! Yum!!

  5. That looks sooo good!.. yum!... and I also love your spiralizer post below... the pesto/veggie noodles look and sounds delicious.

  6. You did it! You posted your Chili! Yes! The power of the internet is only exceeded by its mystery!

    And my goodness that is one loaded Dog. (I'm totally gonna ignore the comment about Crystal's Chili looking better than your's).

    I'm all verklempt now! Probably wont be able to get to sleep. Sure hope Field Roast starts selling them Franks near me.

  7. Molly:

    Have fun sitting out and enjoying the evenings by the fire. Sounds perfect.

    Signs like that do give us hope!! :)


    Yes, I remember you mentioning you used to live in OR...was it the Willamette Valley? You're so right about identifying regions by the beers available; it's a wonderful thing.

    I'm from the PNW, the Seattle area, which is where I live now. But, one of my brothers has lived in OR for years, and I love it there too.


    Well, the beer wasn't from the list in the was Coors Light. I'm always a little bummed they don't sell it at WF. :D

  8. Sarah:

    You know, the sprialized potatoes weren't bad! They'd make great hash browns. Have a good weekend! :)

    Thanks Melody! :)


    You know hold much sway over your blog followers! Your wish is my command. I think the Field Roast Frankfurters will catch on; I bet they're coming soon to a store near you. :)

  9. We really like the smoked apple/potato field roast sausages around here. I never thought of trying to spiralize a potato. They're cute! I guess I'm going to have to try this chili now...I don't want to ever feel left out!

  10. Dag that dog looks so, so good! I especially love the spiral potatoes on the side, though! The vegan beer guide is also totally awesome. There's a comic I like by Peter Bagge called Buddy Does Seattle and he goes on and on about his favorite PNW beers...that's one of the things that makes me want to visit!

  11. This looks tasty as hell. I love a dog with sriracha, vegannaise, and pickles, but this looks much better.

  12. That vegan beer sign picture makes me ridiculously happy. It's waaay easier than searching on a phone with a web browser! And that chili dog? Me want now!!

  13. I've never tried the Field Roast franks, but have tasted most of their other stuff. In fact we added sausages to our potato salad tonight for the omnivore appetites at our guest table, and everyone loved it.

    Your chili looks almost creamy, in a rich, delicious way. I don't think we would have had any leftovers at our house. I think I'll go have a look at Shen's recipe.

    Is the beer sign at the Coop? Sure makes it easier.

    And yes, it's still summer. STILL SUMMER. And that's the way I like it.

  14. I have not tried the field roast dogs yet but I sure will now! That hot dog pic looks amazing! Hell yeah!

  15. That's the best looking chili dog that I've ever seen! I could go for one of those right now! I haven't done the chili thing yet, but looks like I'm going to have to soon.
    I think one would need a good beer to go with the chili dog too. :o)
    BTW, I think your spiralized fries look great!

  16. Jenny:

    The texture of dogs is similar to the apple/sage sausages. We really like those around here too. :)


    I'll keep my eyes open for Peter Bagge on YouTube. Yeah, I think beer connoisseurs would have a lot of fun here...great way to spend a holiday too. :)


    Ooo, I live the idea of sriracha on the dogs! Sounds like a tasty combo for sure. :)


    Same here! I wish they had a similar sign in the wine department. Hopefully that will come next. :)

  17. Andrea:

    I like the potato salad / sausage idea, and glad to hear that omnivores like it too! It's certainly sooo much healthier than eating meat sausages, so maybe for that alone they'll catch on among omnis too.

    The beer sign is at the Whole Foods at Interbay. Summer's still here, summer's your heels three times and repeat: summer's still here. :D


    Thanks, let us know what you think of the FR dogs if you try them.


    I'm sure you'd whip up a mean batch of chili! And I definitely agree that a cold beer is a must have with the dogs. :)

  18. Perfect dog! You can make that for me anytime. I like how you went all out for it. I mean, if you're going to have a chili dog, you gotta do it right!

  19. Super Cool that they are listing Vegan Beer Now!!
    Didn't know that Field Roast had Weiners!! Gotta tell my man. He loves vegan weiners and he would kill me for saying that :)

  20. That's what I'm talkin' about! I had a vegan hot dog at my camp-out, but I sure wish I'd had some of that chili too. It looks great!

  21. I love that sandwich...its dangerously flavorful looking. Millie

  22. Hi Rose,
    This vegan chili dog is "to live for"! We adore your vegan blog! So bright, so beautiful, and with lots of heart! Thanks for all the postings and all the lovely, inspiring pictures.
    Peace & joy,
    Grace & friends at Vegan Việt Nam

  23. Grace et al,

    Thank you. So glad you enabled comments on your blog again.

    Love all you do!

  24. I tried those Field Roasts recenetly, they were delicious!

  25. Lucky you it is still hot there! Here in New Zealand we are still waiting for spring! That beer selection looks impressive :-).


  26. Thanks for stopping by ladies!! :D

  27. I didn't know Field Roast made frankfurters! That is one mighty good looking dog, Rose!

  28. OH, that beer sign rocks! Doesn't seeing that sort of thing just totally warm the cockles of your heart? :-)

    We've finally had a couple of good chili days here, but I still haven't made any. And now it's supposed to get ridiculously warm again. I wish I could get Field Roast products here, the samples of their stuff (which doesn't include their frankfurters) at vegfests were really tasty, and I always enjoyed the occasional vegan chili dog.

    Your spiral potatoes look like wonderful hash browns! Even if that wasn't the result you were after, I think you discovered something nifty! :-)

  29. The sign is cool isn't it? It's just great to see the word vegan promoted in any way!

    Field Roast is pretty good...I don't buy it too often, usually just the Italian style sausages once in a while cuz I'm too lazy to make my own. As far as faux meats go, I think it's the most palatable and seems the least science-labby.

    The spiral hash browns are pretty cool...they got nice and crispy in the oven.


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