Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zine Dining à la Maud

I found out about the world of 'zines' just recently (boy, was I out of touch). I had seen the term bandied about, but wasn't sure exactly what it meant. Well, that all changed about a month ago when Maud sent me two issues of her zine. Turns out that Maud's been creating her zine, Marmaläde Umläut, since 2007. A lot of you already know Maud and read her blog Food Feud, and, probably quite a few of you know about her zine. I'm writing to say that if you haven't yet checked it out, you should. This post is dedicated to Maud's zine along with  a couple of recipes from the most recent issue.

After reading the two issues from front to finish, I had to order the latest one too. She's a talented writer and cartoonist: witty, humorous, insightful with a bit of whimsy tossed into the mix. Some of the regular features include: "Wot's in Your Fridge?," "Fat! So?--Food for Feminists," and "Food Memories."
Oh, but you'll find so much more too, the pages are illustrated with her collages, you'll find cartoons, word games, and even a "Where Should I Go for Lunch??" flowchart (Issue17).

(Did you know that in old days before the advent of modern ovens with temperature gauges, they judged whether an oven was hot enough for baking by sticking their arms in and if the arm hairs singed, it was ready?... That's not a direct quote, just something I learned from reading the zine--a tidbit of the things there are to ponder.)

Maud uses a conversational tone, and while reading, I often wish I could just start gabbing with her about what she's writing. (And, that has nothing to do with my lifelong habit of talking to myself.) The title says it all really: creative and engaging--on par with a satisfying natter with a good friend.

With Maud's permission, here are couple examples of what you'll find inside.

One of Maud's cartoons:

Maud provides some new words for food groupings:

(I can't decide which is my fav, A Dunklette of Cookies or a Thinking of Mushrooms!!)

But, I haven't even begun about the recipes. Of course, there's no shortage of those: cakes, salads, dinners are interspersed and woven into the theme along the way. In honor of summer, I chose a couple salad recipes from the latest issue.  First up is Cabbage and Corn Salad. 

The recipe calls for red cabbage; I used both red and green because I had both on hand to use up. 

Again with Maud's permission, here's the recipe:

The sweetness of raw corn, the crunch of cabbage, and the richness of avocado make this a cooling, comforting, and refreshing slaw. This salad is as calming to the eye as it is cooling to the tongue. 

Next up is Peach Salsa/Salad, which is flashy, sweet, and has a good kick of heat, like a summer fiesta in a bowl.

Thank you Maud, for the great recipes and the segues into them!:

The Peach Salsa complimented the cool crunch of the Corn and Cabbage Salad.

We enjoyed them with lettuce wraps (also inspired by Maud of course). Both salads are all raw and oil-free, super healthy and delicious. Thanks again Maud--keep the zines comin'! 

Rose Tobin Seattle
Rosanne Tobin
Roseann LaPonte
Rosanne Marie Tobin
Rosanne LaPonte


  1. I've got to get more of her zines. I love the one I have!

  2. Wow! Did you ever see the movie 'Seven'? There's a scene where the Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman characters find all the writings of Kevin Spacey's character? That zine totally reminds me of that scene.

    I'll have to study this post to see if I need to order a subscription. This months Veg News was just a bunch of blogger's recipes anyway. What a rip!

    Plus dingleberries haunt me.

  3. Wow. Thanks for enlightening me to Maud's creativity. I suspect there will be a new demand for her zine's after everyone reads your review. The salads are so colorful and sound delicious. I did buy Kittee's newest Papa Tofu zine on Ethiopian Food at Vida Vegan Con but haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

  4. Rose! This is so sweet. I honestly teared up a little. Thanks for the write up and I'm so glad you enjoyed the zines. Now I need to keep making them, and making them better to live up to expectations.
    Your photos are gorgeous as always - you make the food look so much more appealing than I could, ha!
    I definitely approve of the lettuce wraps ;)

  5. Rose -- You truly are an artist with food when it comes to photo presentations. Your photos really should be in some chic gourmet magazine. -- barbara

  6. Molly: You should order some more. I know I really enjoyed reading all three of these.


    I never saw that film but you should check out the zine for sure...all blog recipes in VegNews? I haven't had a chance to look through it yet.


    I bought Kittee's Ethiopian zine too, just around the same time that I actually found out what zines were, they suddenly started popping into my path. I haven't made anything from it yet, though I'm looking forward to doing so...I'm just trying to get a handle on all the basic elements to have on hand.

  7. Maud: It was my pleasure to talk about your zine. I really did enjoy them and may have to order a few more issues before the next one comes out. :)

    Barbara: Thanks for your nice words...I think you got it when you say presentations...I think it has more to do with how the stuff is on the plate rather than any photography skills.

  8. Those salads look so good. Maud has some skills when it comes to new combos with the raw veg.

    I like the dunklette of cookies - and the half-eaten photocopied Oreo!

  9. Wow...I had no idea that Maud did this. I've seen her mention her zines, but never knew what it really was. She is one talented lady! I'll be ordering some of them for sure.
    Thanks for posting about this! Both things you made sound awesome and they look great!
    I'm headed over to Mauds now. :o)

  10. What a fun and playful zine! I love her words for groups of food ~ I think "a dingle of berries" and "a dunklette of cookies" are my favorites, but how can I leave out "a snare of pears" and "a bobbing of apples?" Very clever!

    Shen's comment made me LOL!

    The Cabbage and Corn recipe looks and sounds brilliant, I definitely want to try that (hang on just a little longer, Summer!) And while not long ago I'd have wrinkled my nose over the idea of Peach Salsa, I recently tried Robyn's Mango Salsa and loved it - in fact, I got the recipe for it from her just today. I wonder how Peach Salsa compares? I wish I could find organic peaches around here, but our availability of organic produce has been bleak this summer. (Just one batch of sweet corn in early June and nothing since! Pitiful!)

    Thanks for sharing Maud's zines and blog with us! Very fun! And your food photos reflect plenty of photographic talent along with artistic presentations, so just quiddit. You're brilliant and it's time you accepted it. :-)

  11. Jessica: Maud inspires me all the time to eat more raw veg and I agree, she comes up with some great combos.

    Michelle: I think you'll like the issues; they're so much fun...light and playful, like Laloofah says, and I think you appreciate it even more "knowing" Maud through the blogs...you get to appreciate her style and sense of humor.

    Laurie: You got it! It is fun and playful. I enjoyed reading it, and looked forward to little bits of time to read a bit here and there...I had to ration it out you know :D .

    I think mango salsa and peach salsa would be very similar, though mango has an extra sort of flavor to it (peppery almost) so I think it makes great salsa, but peaches do too. I think they're both good!

    If you do make the corn and cabbage salad, I recommend using white corn; it just tastes so sweet, especially raw. Let us know how you like it.

    Anyway, sorry to hear about the dismal situation with organic produce this year. Everything was late here, but when it came it was good...and still is...it almost feels like summer's just started here, we're lagging that far behind. I think Sept/Oct will be true harvest season with much bounty.

  12. Happy September, Rose! I hope you're right about a bountiful harvest in the next couple of months! And I hope our health food store gets in on it! Especially some kale and corn. (We love white corn best!) Our spring was wet, cold and long and everyone's garden suffered for it, but Joyce gets a lot of her produce from surrounding areas and states, so I don't know what's up with her suppliers.

    Robyn said the Farmer's Market was unimpressive a couple of weeks ago. Maybe I'll get a chance to stop by it this month, though I doubt there are many organic growers in these parts. Our own garden has been pitiful - the zucchini plants are huge and continue to put out copious, beautiful blossoms but the fruit just shrivels up as soon as it gets to be about 3-4" long! Robyn said her cukes did the same thing. We have one zucchini that MIGHT be harvestable in another week or two, and one really good looking butternut squash, though I'm sure the new owners will get to enjoy it instead of us. (At least I hope so!) :-)

    If I can find the ingredients and the time to make either of these recipes, I will and I will let you know! Otherwise, I've bookmarked this post for future reference!

  13. Wow! What a spread! I really like the way show displayed the recipes too. Very clever. :)

  14. Nice to find out more about Maud, I have to say I am intrigued by her avatar :-). The salads on you table are super super super wonderful!


  15. A curlsworth of kale is my fave! Haha, perfect description!

  16. These salads loks fantastic. I just purchased some corn and was wondering what to make. Now I have a great new recipe to try. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Laurie:

    You know, that's interesting because the same happened to my squash. I hand pollinated them, but they still faded and died. I only got 3 hubbard squash and about 8 or 9 zucchini. I called the garden hotline here and asked whether they had any ideas or had heard of other gardeners having that problem, but they didn't have any idea. My cucumbers did well though.

    I hope the farmers' market comes around...it's been the same at ours, off to a really slow start. But, now it seems like everything has matured at once and there's a bounty.

    Thanks Vic!

    Alessandra: Yeah, I'm the same with Maud's avatar. :)

    Diary of an Animal Lover: I really like kurlsworth of kale too!

    Omgosimvegan: I hope you enjoy the slaw...the raw corn is wonderful in it. I recommend using white corn; it's so sweet and tender.

  18. This zine looks so awesome! I had no idea Maud made these.

  19. Isobelle: You should definitely check out the zines. They're a lot of fun.

  20. I have some of Maud's zines, too. She's very creative!

  21. Jenny:

    She is soo creative. I admire her. So cool that we have our very own vegan magazine maker.

  22. This is awesome. I love seeing a table full of vegetables!


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