Sunday, August 1, 2010

Breaded Tofu with Horseradish & Green Coriander Seeds

green coriander seed

All you coriander/cilantro growers out there probably already know this, but just in case you don't: when your cilantro (aka coriander) starts to bolt, let it. That way, you can harvest the seeds...and they are especially tasty while still green. Of course, you can let them dry out and turn brown, but definitely try some of the green ones too. Whereas you can buy whole coriander seed (dry/brown variety) in most any super market...getting a hold of these green gems is really only the privilege of those who grow it themselves.

The green seeds have a bright and citrus-like flavor, reminiscent of cucumber and lemons.  They go great in salad dressings, marinades, or just sprinkled over your favorite dish. With that in mind, I threw together this quick sauce:

Cashew Cream with Horseradish and Green Coriander Seed

1/2 cup cashew cream (I made mine on the fluid/less thick side)
1 tablespoon prepared (vegan) horseradish (or adjust to taste) ( I like Bubbies brand)
2 tablespoons green coriander seed, roughly crushed with the flat side of a knife (or adjust to taste)

If you don't have any green coriander seed, capers and lemon zest would be good too (or just fresh coriander leaves of course).

Note: the cashew cream recipe I linked to above mentions something like "if you don't have  a Vita Mix you'll have to sieve the cashew cream to get a smooth consistency"... this is false. I don't have a Vita Mix; I just let it blend for several minutes in my food processor--eventually you'll get a lovely smooth texture.

cashew cream with horseradish and green coriander

The sauce has a mild horseradish flavor, brightened by the citrusy coriander seed. It went well with some  oven-baked, breaded tofu.

For the tofu, I began by marinating it in lemon juice, white wine, and garlic.  For better absorption potential, I used frozen tofu, defrosted and pressed to remove the excess liquid. I used a biscuit cutter to make little rounds (tofu circles are fun!): 

marinating tofu rounds 

After letting it marinate for several hours, I breaded it and let it bake in a 375 (F) oven until it was toasty brown. 

Bread Crumb Mixture
mix of sprouted grain (Genesis Bread) and panko bread crumbs
Old Bay Seasoning to taste
dulse flakes to taste
chili powder to taste

We had them on a bed of lightly sauteed chard with some rice/legume pilau and some salad from the garden:

tofu "scallops" with horseradish-coriander cream,  chard,  and rice/legume pilau

You can't really see the chard in the photo, because it's hidden underneath the tofu. The rice mixture (I'm not sure whether it qualifies as a "pilau") is a mix of brown and wild rice with lentils and spilt peas: 

rice/legume mix

It cooks up in the same amount of time as regular brown rice--I usually cook it in veggie broth with some diced onion and it turns out pretty tasty.

This was a consoling dinner on a Sunday evening; it was fun to make so it helped take my mind off of Monday, which is  looming it's big ugly head. 


  1. That looks delicious, wish I'd been there!

  2. Oh yeah, that looks amazing!!!! Old Bay, wine, cashew cream...count me in. I have never used the undried coriander seeds, but we're likely to have some soon (our cilantro bolts so quickly this time of year). Will *have* to try that!!
    Your food is always so beautiful and creative!

  3. PS what will you do with your leftover tofu scraps? Do another post on it!

  4. Great pics, everything looks wonderful!

    We are using cashew creme regularly here too.


  5. Wow that tofu looks amazing! Everything looks wonderful! Looks like I need to freeze my tofu and then press it the next time I cook it. :o)

  6. I'm one of those people who lets their cilantro bolt (well, it just bolts, really, whether I let it or not)--and I have saved the dried seeds in the past but never thought of using green ones, so thanks for the tip!

    Your pictures are just lovely, and this looks like a fantastic meal.

  7. Catofstripes:

    Thanks....if you're ever in this part of the world...consider yourself invited.


    Let me know what you think of the green coriander when yours bolts. I think it's fun when you can get stuff from your garden that isn't readily available anywhere else.

    As for the leftover bits...I'll feed some to my rat girls (they love tofu) and maybe make some tofu salad or tofu scramble...not sure yet.

    Hi Ali,

    Thanks! Cashew cream comes in handy...I like especially as a sauce for cooked foods.


    You might enjoy the frozen tofu...when you defrost it and squeeze the water out, it becomes porous (like a sponge) absorbs whatever you are cooking in better and has a spongier texture. Let me now what you think if you try it.

  8. Zoa,

    Thanks! Let me know what you think of the green seeds...I mean it's not earth shattering or anything, but it's fun to try stuff that's not readily available outside of your own back yard!

  9. The tofu circles make this look so special! That's a neat idea. Question, though, what did you do with the scraps?

    I'm a new gardener and I have some cilantro, I'll have to see if I get any seeds.

  10. I didn't know about using the seeds green. What a great suggestion for next time I grow coriander. I have to say, your dinner looks scrumptious. I love the cashew cream addition of horseradish. I'm feeling so hungry after reading this ...

  11. Jessica,

    The tofu circle are fun aren't they? I'll use the scraps for some tofu salad or a tofu scramble...also my pet rats like it, so they'll get some of it too.


    The green coriander is something I discovered last summer; it is a fun seasonal ingredient.

    I love adding horseradish to things...maybe I'm weird, but I like it added to hummus too, and sometimes to a green smoothie.

  12. Un-freakin-believable. I was actually thinking today about your photo of the potato soup w/the fresh thyme flowers. You're seriously creating beautiful artwork these days. Have you thought to make it a paying career to save you from the 9-5/M-F drudgery?

  13. Shen,

    You're so nice to say those things...I've worked in restaurants and bakeries before, and I wouldn't mind doing it again, but right now, I'm aspiring to become an organic farmer...hopefully I'll escape my current drudgery soon! Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. I meant going down the food styling/photography path (like Smitten Kitchen, 101 Cookbooks, Chocolate & Zucchini etc), but organic farming sounds like a positive idea too.

  15. Wow, Rose. I don't think you realize how much your comment made my day. I'm so happy it turned out well for you :)

  16. Mmm, round tofu sounds good, but only if it's on that beautiful table! I even had to show my kids that shot. Right out of a mag. Thanks for being a cook to which I can aspire. Good stuff.

  17. These are some great pictures! I appreciate your help with my kittie situation. It is a tough position.

  18. Shen,

    Oh, I get it...that's an interesting idea, thanks for the suggestion.


    Glad it made your day...that Lo Mein certainly made mine...and I apologize, I think I left an 'N' off your name in my comment post.


    Thanks! It must be that bowl of fruit in the background...I didn't put it there on purpose, but it does give a feeling of abundance...kind of like a cornucopia I guess :)



    As for the kitties...I totally understand about the kitty situation; it is difficult.

    I have taken in feral cats around that age, so I know that there is still hope for them to become socialized...if they were already adults...the best thing for sure would be to get them a place in a managed feral colony and/or leave them be.

    But either way, they definitely need to be spayed and neutered. I ran a Trap-Neuter_Return (TNR) program about 6 years ago in the neighborhood I was living in at the really did make a positive difference in the lives of those ferals.

    Even though they are ferals, unlike true wild animals, they really need some level of care-giving from humans in order to live happy lives...even if it's just putting out some food ocassionaly, and/or providing a warm shelter for them to take refuge in during bad weather.

    I'm sure you'll make a good decision.

  19. I love the tofu scallops picture with the apples, too!

    And you have pet rats?! Okay, that deserves more exclamation points !!!!!

    Tofu circles - so fun!

  20. Jenny,

    Thanks. Tofu circles are fun aren't they? I bet kids would love them.

    Yes, I have two pet rat girls that I adopted from the animal shelter...they are really sweet, smart, and fun. I may do a post about them sometime, so everyone can meet them up close and personal.

  21. Oh my goodness! This looks unbelievably good! Awesome idea with the horseradish cashew cream and lovin' those tofu circles too. I agree, tofu circles are FUN!

  22. Beautiful pics and now I am officially starving! I would love some of those scallops!

  23. Morgan,

    The tofu circles are super's a fun way to give tofu a little twist. The cashew cream and horseradish do go well time I make it, I'll probably go with more horseradish flavor.


    Thanks! You poor must be difficult to keep up with meals when your kitchen is all packed up and ready to move...if we were even remotely near each'd be more than welcome to come and eat tofu scallops to your heart's content.


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