Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pottering and Garden Photos

Photography has never been my forte, so these photos aren't beauty shots by any means, but I do like to take photos of my garden. It's interesting to see how perennial plants and trees grow from year to year, and it helps me remember what I've planted in previous seasons. Documenting the garden with pictures can be useful too. For instance, sometimes I can't remember what I have planted in a certain pot after it has died back...but I can usually figure it out by looking at some shots I took earlier in the season.

On the weekends, or before/after work, you'll most likely find me in the garden, especially this time of year. When I'm in the garden...or in any garden...I feel like something loosens up inside of me and that I can breathe more deeply; I feel happy and good. This post is just a few pics I took while pottering around and feeling good... 

I hung this mobile on a low tree branch; the little people dance when it's windy, and my cat likes to watch them.

Over the weekend, I cleared away a bunch of leaves and rubbish from this work bench. It's a nice place to sit and survey the garden. The area is covered by some sheet plastic, so I like to sit there when it rains and listen to the drops hit the plastic...it's sort of like being in a greenhouse when it rains, but less intense.

Pansies and violas are some of  my favorite flowers--they are like little faces looking back at you.




The potting bench is also a nice place to enjoy a meal,

and to soak in the quiet of the garden at dusk.


  1. Must be much warmer where you are. Violas are so cute. I like when they're called 'Johnny Jump Ups'.

  2. Your garden looks so inviting. I love the workbench area. I would be there all the time. :-)

    I can't believe your chives are blooming already. Now I need to check mine, but I don't think they are up doing much yet. Do you cook with the flowers?


  3. So green and lush! The favas are coming along nicely! I hope you continue with these posts from time to time so we can watch your garden's progress too.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing these pictures of your garden, and know just what you mean about enjoying it before and after work and on weekends. I used to be in my garden at those times, too, and I miss it now that it's planting time.

  5. Lovely photos. I so enjoyed them! I'm with you, there's something about being outside in a garden that feels good deep down in my soul:)
    I take photos to remember what I planted where, so I can rotate things from year to year, and also because I can't always remember what perennials are where without them.

  6. SV,

    I like the name of Johnny Jump Ups...that's really cute.


    Sometimes I use them to decorate salad. Sometimes, I just like to look at them.


    Thanks, the same goes for you too; you're nature photos are stunning.


    Gardens are good therapy aren't they? I hope you can get a gardening fix soon.


    I'd love to see photos of your garden...do post some sometime if you feel like it.

  7. thats such a whimsical mobile i like it. taking pictures is always a good idea and yours are just fine i think! those pansies you said(?) they do look at you, very cheerful, i needed that today.

  8. Hi Dirty Duck,

    Pansies are very good at cheering up the place...I highly recommend them; they cheer me up every time I look at them.

  9. I checked again tonight and my chives are no where near getting blossoms.

  10. SV,

    I think mine are blooming because we had a very mild winter...everything is blooming early here...all the fruit trees were in flower a good 3 to 4 weeks earlier than usual...my chives are just following suit.

  11. wow, what an incredibly calming looking space. Nice.

  12. Heather,

    Thanks for stopping by; it is calming...sometimes before I go into work, I go out to the garden for a while, and it's soooo hard to leave.

  13. Rose, you have created an absolutely beautiful, soulful, peaceful oasis! (And the mobile with the wind-dancing people is too sweet!) Your magical, "secret garden" is such a lovely expression of you, and I can see why you spend as much time there as possible. I too find therapy in such places and I enjoyed my visit... thank you for the tranquil moment of Zen! :-)

    P.S. The magnificent rooster and Joanna's powerful quote are lookin' good on your blog! :-)

  14. Thanks Laurie,

    I really feel that my life would be less complete without a garden to find tranquility in...in much the same way you probably feel about your beautiful surroundings that allow you to commune with nature in peace.

    I am so glad I found the Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary resource through your blog...that quote is so true and powerful...thanks Laurie!

  15. Rose, I know just what you mean! :-)

    I'm really pleased that you are so happy to have discovered Peaceful Prairie and their new "email billboards." PPS is my favorite non-profit and holds a special place in my heart. My friend Cheri introduced me to them when we both blogged in the 2007 Blogathon and she blogged about and on behalf of PPS. I became a fan immediately, and got to visit Peaceful Prairie the following spring, which was a deeply moving, inspiring and very fun experience. I wish everyone could visit a farmed animal sanctuary at least once!

  16. Thanks again Laurie,

    I would love to visit Peaceful Prairie...the Farm Sanctuary in CA is closer though...so I am hoping to visit there sometime this year.

  17. Wonderful...

    I loved the people mobile too. Original.

  18. Mangocheeks,

    Here's to a fruitful growing season for us both! The mobile is made from dried banana skins...too cool.

  19. I would love to see more pictures of your garden set-up. It's so pretty and well taken care of. How did you plant your potatoes? Thanks for sharing....it's great!

  20. Hi Lisa,

    Sure, I post about the garden fairly often. The potatoes are just in the ground with a cage around them with the idea that if you build mulch up around them as they grow, the potatoes will form all the way up the stalks. Thanks for coming to my blog...I'm going over to check yours out!


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