Thursday, February 11, 2010

Slaw with Collards

I've never been a fan of cole slaw with a mayo-based dressing. When I make slaw, I usually just go for trusty old oil and vinegar to dress it. This time, I varied a little and dressed the slaw with the tamari/lime dressing  I used for the sprout salad earlier in the week.

The slaw contains red and green cabbage, and collard greens. I think raw collards have a green, fresh taste. It was good and full of crunchy nutrition. I added sesame seeds, orange zest, and green onion to each serving, but they would be just as good incorporated into the slaw as a whole of course. (Hemp seeds would have been good here too.)

This is another salad that's great for taking to work for lunch. And, my darling spouse, who is generally reticent about eating raw veggies, eats, it's a great way to get some raw veggies into him.


  1. The slaw looks great. Thanks so much for sharing. If John likes it I know Dan will too!


  2. This looks wonderful! I use collards raw in my smoothies sometimes, but have never eaten them raw in a salad, I'll have to try this.

  3. Alicia,

    I think it's the crunchiness of the cabbage that appeals to John.


    Collards are delicious aren't they? Putting them in smoothies is a great idea.


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