Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Goodbye Summer Garden

bee balm
One last post for September before the crazy but exciting days of VeganMoFo III start a frenzy of posting (or at least that is my intention). It just sort of struck me today that summer 09 is indeed over...and while I love October (my favorite month), I still feel a bit nostalgic for the lovely summer days and evenings in the garden.

Aside from vegetables, my garden is a disorganized collection of various and sundry. It's topsy-turvy, jumbley-bumbley, and we like it. I love being in the garden any time of year--and there is still a lot of autumn gardening to do--but I wanted to stop and remember some some of the fellows who only hang out there during the fine months:

german camomile



cheery snap dragons
(They remind me of "Animal" from The Muppet Show.)

And, speaking of dragons...

dragon fly

sweet pea & anise hyssop

apple blossom petunias

chocolate cosmos and coreopsis

When I was a child, I thought common morning glory was the most beautiful flower I had ever seen. I thought it must be the sort of thing that angels wear in their hair. I was upset when I found out that people curse it as an invasive weed. Well, if you have clay soil, it is...but it's still beautiful and I let it grow in the wild parts of my garden:

And now for the mystery flower...can anyone identify this one for me? I don't have a clue what it is:

Oh, and I think there's room for one last cheeky little viola:

Actually, I think I'll do one last post for September, quite appropriately, tomorrow...the ripening pumpkin...stay tuned.


  1. Hiya,

    Think your mystery plant is probably an Astrantia.

    lovely garden!

  2. Hi Rose,

    I was out most of the day yesterday with various appointments so I just saw your post.

    I love fall too but your photos make me miss the warmth of summer. The flowers in your garden as so pretty.


  3. Hi Catofstripes,

    I think you've got it spot on.
    Thanks for the ID.


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