Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Seattle - Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai

I've got a great restaurant to tell you about: Jhanjay Vegetarian Thai in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood. We've been a few times now, and each time we've come away with really happy tummies and tastebuds! It's 100% vegetarian, so no fish sauce to worry about. There are plenty of vegan menu items, and most dishes can be made to order vegan simply by ordering a dish and requesting "no eggs." Anyway, the staff are super lovely and know precisely which items are de facto vegan and which ones can be ordered vegan.

We started with the appetizer special: Mieng Pak Gad, which was a mix of shitake mushrooms, tofu, bamboo shoots, carrots and cashews in a sweet/savory sauce. It comes with crisp, fresh lettuce, so you can make little lettuce rolls with the delicious Mieng Pak Gad as filling. It was total tastebud titillation.

The Papaya Salad went along very nicely; it had a fresh crunch, slightly tangy, and was accented with fresh tomato, green beans, and cashews:

For mains, I had the Tum Yum soup; all the ingredients were very fresh and the broth was wonderfully aromatic:

My friend had curry fried rice; he ordered it with eggs, but you could also order it vegan by requesting no eggs:

And here is the simple yet lovely table decoration:

After dinner, we wandered over to the Seattle Tilth Gardens, just a few blocks away.

A bed of borage, nigela, and other flowers in the Tilth gardens:

A spectacular bed of amaranth rising up towards the heavens:

Some echinacea:

The Tilth demo gardens in the early dusk:

Here's the Wallingford QFC super market...back in the 80's ( and prior), this was the much less posh and lower-scale Food Giant super market, a lost icon of old-school, off-the-map, Seattle:


  1. The lettuce wraps are great inspiration. I will definitely need to make my own version of those very soon. Thanks so much for posting them!


  2. Alicia,

    Thanks for commenting. The lettuce rolls were great...the best part of the meal, though it was all very good. I'm going to give them a try too.


  3. Rose,

    We will definitely need to compare notes on the sauce. I will probably make these later this week.

    Your beautiful plant pictures make me wish I were a gardener.


  4. I haven't tried making these yet; the sauce was a brown, sweet, and savory. I'll probably try whisking together some soy sauce, agave, sesame oil, and peanut butter? Let me know how yours turns out.


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