Monday, October 11, 2010

Apple Sorbet with Sauvignon Blanc

This is a simple recipe I tried over the weekend. It's from the October issue of Sunset magazine, a copy of which is usually hanging out on my mom's coffee table. The October issue is kind of a nice one; among other things, there is a full page layout of all the different 5-spice mixtures from different cuisines. 

But I digress...

This sorbet is basically a fancy version of applesauce (wine = fancy) frozen to make a refreshing sorbet. A scoop of it is also a nice addition to a glass of a light-flavored white wine and results in an apple-y, granita-like drink.  The recipe is available online here.

I didn't follow the recipe exactly:

I used 1 cup of  Italian apple soda instead of the water the recipe calls for. This made the flavor extra apple-y. Because the Italian soda was sweet, I used 1/2 cup (vegan) sugar instead of the 3/4 cup the recipe calls for. And finally, I didn't use an ice cream maker; I just stirred it every half hour until it was frozen through.  The recipe makes enough for about 6 servings.

Ad Hoc Note: For a non-alcoholic version, I think a sparkling apple cider would sub perfectly for the wine and the water as well.

If this sort of thing sounds good to you...I think you'll like the recipe. And it is a nice twist on autumnal fare.

The leaves haven't really started to turn yet around our yard, but isn't this a pretty orangey color?

Roseann LaPonte
Rosanne Tobin


  1. Rose, you must be practicing for your next career as a food stylist or food photographer. That shot beats most I've seen in magazines. I sometimes sub apple cider or juice for some of the sweetener in recipes and it sounds like that might work here.

  2. using apple cider instead of alcohol or a hard to find italian apple soda, was a really good suggestion. a very user friendly post


  3. Classy. Soon you'll be too high-falutin for us seitan-munchers!

  4. I agree with Andrea on that photo! If it taste anything like it looks, then I know it is delish! :o)

  5. Andrea
    That's a really sweet and kind thing to say...I've been trying a little harder with the photo taking, and it's kind of fun...but I don't think I'll be changing careers any time soon :)

    You know, I often don't think of it, but fruit juice is a great substitute for other types of sweetners...I sort of wanted to used some date syrup or something other than sugar here, but not being an ice cream/sorbet expert, I wasn't sure whether it would have changed the consistency of the sorbet. Any thoughts?

    Dirty Duck Michelle
    Sparkling cider would be fun to try, I've seen it in all different flavors too, like apple cranberry and the like, it might be fun to add another fruit into the mix as well.
    ttys too :)

    LOL. I will ever be true to all seitan munchers everywhere.

    Thanks! :)

  6. Oh, that looks so good. I'm glad to hear you did it without an ice cream maker. Every time I see Giada de Laurentiis make a granita I want to try it, but I haven't done so yet. This looks incredible!

  7. I third what Andrea said! And maybe you say you won't be changing careers anytime soon, but you sure COULD! :-)

    Also, your flowers absolutely gives Thuya a run for its money. No question.

    Frankly, given your many talents, I think you should start wearing that tshirt that says, "All this and vegan too!" :-)

  8. Apple sorbot sounds wonderful! I really need to buy myself an ice cream maker. And that flower is the color and how the petals pretty

  9. Jessica
    I'm with you...I have an ice cream maker, but I'm always to lazy to set it up get the ice cream salt, ice cubes and all that together. This sorbet works fine with the stirring every 30 minutes means you have to babysit it a little throughout the day, but if you're going to be chilling at home anyway (no pun intended)it's not too much trouble.

    Flattery will get you everywhere...LOL. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    The cool thing about this sorbet is that you don't need an ice cream maker. Even though the recipe calls for it, I didn't bother. I just froze it in a shallow container and gave it a stir every 30 minutes or so until it was frozen through. It takes a little babysitting, but if you're going to be home for an afternoon anyway, it's not much trouble at all.

  10. Amazing pictures. I really need to get better with my food pictures. I love photography, just wish i was better.

  11. Vic,

    I think your food shots are great...they always make me hungry anyway.

    But, in general, if I can take a decent photo, anyone can. I've been a photography dummy pretty much my whole life...natural light, some pretty props, and shots from many different angles are what I've started doing, and it has been an improvement: have a look at the photos I used to take in my blog archives...they were pretty bad.

  12. Wow, I can't believe I haven't commented on this yet. Usually, I'm here right after you post! Anyhow, my mom got me a subscription to Sunset for Christmas, and I've been enjoying it, too. I think I remember seeing this. But, you make it look so much better. :-)

  13. Hi Blessed Mama,

    My mom and I have fun looking through the magazine; she "dog ears" the pages she thinks I might be interested in. But even the meat recipes are fun to check out and see whether they'd be worth veganizing, I think.

  14. That looks so good! I love your blog and photography :-)

  15. Melomeals,

    Thanks for stopping by! :)

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